An Ode To FitBit Susan

An Ode To FitBit Susan

I have found motivation in the most unlikely of places: a random stranger. No, not like: I read this article and the subject of the article inspired me to be a better version of me. My motivation comes via a person added to a FitBit challenge I participate in with my friends. It is the sister of one of those friends and we will call her “Susan”.

In recent weeks I actually had my mind set to be a better version of myself. The thing is, I am relearning what makes up my “current self”.  In April, I had a hysterectomy that was a tad bit more invasive / extensive than originally planned.  Post-surgery, I am learning that getting back into the saddle is not as easy as it was when I was in my twenties and bouncing back post-pregnancy.  I liken it to “post-pregnancy” because during my hysterectomy, when things became more complicated and the less invasive maneuvers failed, they decided to open me up the old fashioned way to remove ye ole uterus.  That decision meant that this “47 year old, currently-non-childbearing, parent of two kids in their twenties” individual became the recipient of a C-section.  Something I had tried to plan against.  Pre-hysterectomy I packed on a ton of weight (some hormone driven, some fibroid driven, a lot unhealthy habits driven).  I made healthy strides post-surgery, losing eighteen pounds.  I have monitored my water intake, sugar intake, calorie intake.  At first, I felt like I was on a positive roll.  And then…I hit a wall.  I was suddenly (always) exhausted and without an ounce of spare energy.  I went from running a couple of times each week to forcing myself to at least walk my 10,000 daily steps.  The negative thoughts crept into my mind (most centering on my new “shape”).  We (the doctor and I) are trying to dial in the best dose of daily estrogen.  That could take some months to achieve.  At the same time, I am trying to remove the label “borderline diabetic” from my medical charts.  I ran a 5k on Saturday, doing much better than expected.  I still have numerous positives but motivation can still a challenge.

That brings us to the introduction of a new player in my tiny FitBit community – Susan. My friend added her sister (“Susan”).  I have not met her (not even Facebook stalked her).  She seems to be right around the same average daily activity level that I am (or that I try to be).  So we play leapfrog on a fairly regular basis.  I sync my FitBit to my phone more regularly to see how my steps are playing against Susan’s.  More than once I have said (out loud): “Damnit Susan, give it a rest!” or when I pass her with a good number of steps, “Eat it Susan! (insert maniacal laughter)”  Thing is, it is easier for me to curse a complete stranger than my dearest of friends.  So, Susan bears the brunt of my scorn on a daily basis.  If I realize that I am lagging behind Susan, I will do laps to catch up. Those laps are usually at 10PM as I wonder whether or not this madwoman ever sleeps. My lap route includes walking around the exterior of my basement, up the stairs into my garage for a lap, out the side door and around the house and then back again.  I am certain my neighbors think I am a lunatic as I mumble curses at Susan, telling her to sit down all while I walk by myself through the yard and back into the garage.

So, this post is to thank “Susan” for pushing me without realizing it. For being my pace runner (or walker or step-getter).  Thank you for being my non-realized motivation for the past couple of weeks.  I appreciate it beyond words and maybe one day I will meet you and thank you face-to-face.  But, in the meantime, sit the eff down and let me catch up the 900 steps to you!

Author’s Note: “Susan”’s actual name is Susan….lol


    1. I ran the 5k this Saturday and was looking at a 47 minute finish. Ended up with two 12.5 min miles and would have had a 13.5 min third mile had the organizers realized that a 5k is 3.1 miles, not 2.8. I have Susan to thank for that. She kept my feet (grudgingly) moving. ALSO: When I feel like I am sneaking up on her, I hum “Here Comes The Hotstepper” ha ha ha…

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