Ground Control To Major Tom…

That was a song that floated through my morphine-saturated head for a while in the hospital. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. FIRSTLY: Thank you everyone for the well wishes, the check ins, the love.  In the days before my surgery, my phone became inundated with messages from people I never expected to hear from.  My appreciation for that is huge.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now the post-op report… I was told to not eat after midnight []

Writing Challenges

My surgery is on the 13th and I will have a five-seven week recovery.  While off, I want to challenge myself to write more.  I plan on picking three writing challenges (one lengthy, one the length of a paragraph and a final one the length of a sentence) and setting aside time starting in May where I write daily. Below are a few of the ones that have sparked interest. I may pull from multiple lists to create my own self-challenge.   []

The Irrationalization Of Michelle

My surgery has been moved up and will now occur on April 13th.  I am happy about this for a myriad of reasons which I will not discuss today.  Today, my thoughts go to irrational fears and coping mechanisms. When I was a kid, I remember having a discussion with friends about the “worst way to die”. There was discussion of fire, drowning and suffocation.  I had watched a news piece on Alzheimer’s and my great-uncle suffered from the disease.  To be []

Oh Daddy don’t you worry none cause Mama’s got the pill.

“The Pill” is a song that was released by Loretta Lynn in 1972 and tells the story of a wife who has a rambling husband that knocks her up yearly.  After years of being pregnant, she is happy because now she has the pill.  It was controversial when released and considered risqué with a lot of stations refusing to play it. Fast forward about 15 years from that song to 1987.  I was attending Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  That summer I decided []

Music: Mountain Stage, Episode 865

(Apologies in advance, I did not take my real camera – all photos are from my phone and the quality is so-so.) Music is my therapy.  If I am happy, sad, angry, confused or a mixture of all those things – I have a song that personally “amplifies” the emotion.  And if music is my therapy, the taping of Mountain Stage Episode 865 offered me an amazing session with my therapist. If you have never heard of Mountain Stage, then shame on []

If I had a tumor, I’d call it Imogene.

When I was eighteen I had my first mammogram. I had found a lump and for a very flat-chested girl, that was a huge thing.  I went to Lisa, our family doctor, for my results.  She told me the diagnosis, what to expect, etc and sent me on my way.  Later that afternoon, as I came through the door, Ma asked, “Well?”  “Lisa says I have cystic fibrosis.”  After some screaming, asking me questions I could not answer and one frantic call []

Reading Challenge – It’s On!

Ok, my BFF threw a reading challenge at me and I eagerly accepted (after all, it does not involve crunches, sprints or getting winded much sooner than depressingly necessary).  I am putting it here to remind myself of what I need to accomplish on my list. Here are the terms:   A book published this year.   A book you can read in a day.   A book you’ve been meaning to read.   A book recommended by your local librarian or []

To The Youngest On Her College Graduation

My heart is filled to the brim with pride.  My youngest will graduate from Marshall University with a BFA/Photography in a few short hours.  What an amazingly creative woman that grew from the curly haired baby girl I cradled twenty five years ago.  On this, the day of her graduation, I offer her five words of advice while she dives into the next chapter of her life:     Explore. Explore as much as you can now, while you are young and without []

TV: Hashtag Undateable LIVE

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I am a social media whore.  I know this.  I live it. I embrace it. I am ok with it.  Your approval is neither requested nor required. Facebook is for keeping up with friends, families and those people who need to know I survived them and life is good. Twitter is for ranting, praising, promoting and discussing spoilers in detail of a show, movie or book I am enjoying. Instagram is for validation that my meal looks good, my []

We Are ….. Running A Half!

We Are…Running A Half! Sunday, November 1, 2015 I participated in the 12th running of the Marshall Half Marathon.  We raced to remember those Marshall players, coaches, fans and supporters who lost their lives in a plane crash on November 14, 1970. On a rainy hillside in Wayne County, West Virginia, the lives of 75 people were lost in the worst single air tragedy in NCAA sports history. Among the losses were nearly the entire Marshall University football team, coaches, flight crew, []