Old Commute Post 06/11/08 (Fran Drescher)

*****Warning, this post contains foul language which may be inappropriate for younger readers***** This is another blog from my old site that came to mind… Ok, last night I stopped by to see my friend Tony after a marathon dash through SoHo with Melissa. The evening ended with Tony and I on the corner trying to (unsuccessfully) catch a cab. After 20 minutes of waiting on one side of the street I crossed to the other. About 20 feet from me a []

Old Commute Post 09/08/08 (Types Of #Commuters)

I wrote this blog at another location. Writing my Top Ten blog made me think of it. Hope you enjoy… For those of you who know me very well, you know that I have certain online videos that I will pull up and watch on days when I am in a bad, sad or down kind of mood. I call them my happy spots. For those of you who do not know me well enough to know my happy spots, please watch []

(my) Top Ten Commuter Peeves

Ok, ok, ok. I know what you are going to say. I live in NY so I have to expect rude people during my commute. But (really) why should ANYONE have to deal said rude people. I think that those people should be taken aside, stripped of their clothing and made to walk the sidewalks nude. Other commuters would look, shake their head and say….oh, that is one of THOSE commuters….. (my) Top Ten Commuter Peeves: 1. Jumping Line – When coming []

Amanda Nicole

Eighteen years ago I was in a delivery room at Patti A Clay Hospital in Richmond, Kentucky. I had gone almost a full three weeks past my due date and was ready to get the ball rolling and have me a baby. When she finally came rolling into this world, Amanda Nicole weighed almost ten pounds and immediately went into six month old clothes (so much for the little dainty newborn getups). Because she was born on Halloween, one of the nurses []

A Country United To Be Divided

In looking for the image above to include in this blog, I came across an interesting article regarding the history of these two political logos at FactMonster.com. Something you see all the time but do you ever wonder how/why these two images were chosen? Another thing that I have learned from researching this blog is that there are actually six candidates that you will find on the ticket, not just two. These are: Barack H Obama, Jr (Democrat), John S McCain III []

Diary of a Dead Raccoon

I am a creature of habit.  I will inevitably write about many of those habits here so you may muse with me why it is that these habits are in place or maybe laugh at the scenes that occur due to said habits.  One of these habits is this – on payday I treat myself by driving to my train station that morning.  It is only a half mile walk, however, it is nice to occasionally just drive there.  This past Tuesday []

2008-10-23 Ponderances

This morning, on my way into work, I sat on the train facing west as it headed into Manhattan. Because of where I was seated the sun shone brightly on my face. I had left my DVD player at home, opting to give my ears a rest from the earbuds I use incessantly and to allow the readers here to catch a breath from my marathon movie watching. The sun felt good. I suffer from winter blues and try to find ways []

I Go Back…

There is a Kenny Chesney song called “I Go Back” which is about music and how a song can spark a memory from years past.  I blared the song Sunday as I took a shower.  I sang out loud (even though I knew my daughter would be laughing on the other side of a very thin wall and that my neighbors above were being serenaded against their will).  I live for, in and wrapped around nostalgia.  Why?  What am I trying to []

Movie: Quid Pro Quo

(Compliments of IMDB – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0414426/) A wheelchair bound radio journalist, Issac (Nick Stahl), receives a lead into a secretive group whose undiagnosed condition leaves them malcontent with their functioning bodies and wanting to be disabled. One such wannabe, Fiona (Vera Farmiga), agrees to assist Issac with his story only to study him and his paralysis with equal intensity. Their relationship bolsters her determination to be like him, even through extreme measures. Conversely, a pair of wing tip shoes miraculously heals Issac, temporarily []