Movie: Movies In A Cave: The Goonies at Cascade Cave (KY)

Seeing The Goonies in Cascade Cave (part of Carter Caves in Carter County Kentucky) started by seeing an event notification on Facebook. A number of my adventures start that way.  I will click “interested” and as the reminders come in I evaluate my interest and proximity to the event.  If the stars align, I go all in. The stars aligned with this event and I am so pleased.  Friends of Carter Caves set up the event.  Cascade Cave is one of a number []

An Ode To FitBit Susan

An Ode To FitBit Susan I have found motivation in the most unlikely of places: a random stranger. No, not like: I read this article and the subject of the article inspired me to be a better version of me. My motivation comes via a person added to a FitBit challenge I participate in with my friends. It is the sister of one of those friends and we will call her “Susan”. In recent weeks I actually had my mind set to []

If I was going somewhere, I was running…

I may have used this quote to name an earlier blog. I don’t care. I like it that much… Also, hitting “publish” too soon really sucks… ugh. Oh, Forrest.  One day he just decided to run and he ran until he was done. I respect that. There is no mention of his pace, his diet or the coordination of his cross-country team.  He just wanted to run.  It really does clear the mind. I “ran” my first race in NYC – the []

Pathology and Progress

During the evening of April 13th, I started to come up from anesthesia.  My husband was at my side, holding my hand.  He said (paraphrasing from my foggy memory), “It was bad. Because it was bad they had to do a lot more.  They were not able to do a vaginal hysterectomy.  They had to cut you open.  And, they took one of your ovaries.”  I remember being filled with anger and sadness and (maybe in my own head) yelling: “I told []


Every Ma-Holiday I flip through my pictures of her, trying to find one that captures my moment in time, how I am feeling, what I miss about her. I flipped to this picture today and it tore me in two. So odd, a picture of Ma’s back. This was at the Prince, WV train station circa 2008, Mander and I were heading back to NY from WV and my parents and Al were seeing us off. The thing about this picture…I used []

Hashtag Hysteruggles

So today Daughter took me to The Walmart.  Just prior to leaving I came up with this genius idea that maybe SPANX would be just as good as the incision bindings that I have from the hospital.  AND I would be able to wear pants, not sleepers or baggy shorts, and have a shape that does not resemble a grain silo. Spanx went on, they felt goooood. I could feel normal stepping out into public. Put on my regular “these have a []