Movie: Science Fiction, Double Feature (The RHPS Binge)

For more than one reason, Rocky Horror holds a special place in my heart. I have seen the movie, quite literally, hundreds of times. I played Columbia with a Cincinnati troupe.

I have tossed around the idea of watching the movies mentioned in the opening song of the film as well as films associated with a few cultural references in the movie. Last night, I set out to do just that. Today, I have had a number of people ask me which movies it includes. So, below is my viewing list, in the order I plan to watch. I have no time frame of completion. I just find it refreshing to watch movies where actors did their best and there was no such thing a CGI.

Let the binge begin.

But first…some lips:

Michael Rennie was ill The Day the Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand.

And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear

Claude Rains was The Invisible Man.

Then something went wrong for Fay Wray and King Kong! They got caught in a celluloid jam!

Then at a deadly pace, It Came From Outer Space. And this is how the message ran…

Science fiction double feature Doctor X will build a creature!

See androids fighting Brad and Janet. Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet. Woah oh, oh oh oh at the late night double feature picture show!

I knew Leo G. Carroll was over a barrel when Tarantula took to the hills.

And I really got hot when I saw Janette Scott fight a Triffid that spits poison and kills!

Dana Andrews said “Prunes!” Gave him the runes and passing them used lots of skills! (this one does not use any portion of the movie title)…

But When Worlds Collide said George Pal to his bride, “I’m gonna give you some terrible thrills”

Like a… Science fiction double feature… Doctor X will build a creature… (seeing as this is a duplicate lyric, I will use the opportunity to think of Frank building his masterpiece and throw in:)

See androids fighting, ugh, Brad and Janet. Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet! Woah oh, oh oh oh… At the late night double feature picture show. I wanna go… Woah oh, oh oh oh… To the late night double feature picture show…. By R.K.O… Woah oh, oh oh oh… To the late night double feature picture show… In the back row! Woah oh, oh oh oh…. To the late night double feature picture show….. Oh oh oooh, mmm hmm

In addition to these fine movies noted above, I plan to watch:


Also obviously:

Because Magenta rocks the ‘do so well:

Image result for magenta rhps

Because Frank rocks his cape so well:

Image result for frank n furter cape

Because they were inspired by this one for Rocky’s entrance:

Related image

And because Brad was inspired by his bowtie:

And because this man has no fucking neck, I will throw in a couple eps of:

Maybe a little Floor Show inspiration:

And when Janet rips her slip to make a bandage for Rocky?

Well, let me drop the T Janet: Jane did that move first:

Because Eddie rocked the LOVE/HATE tats, let’s watch the inspiration for that:

“Does anyone know the Madison” dance reference:

And last, but not least, Richard O’Brien took the stage cast to see Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as an inspiration for the campiness he wanted Rocky to be. As an homage to the movie, in RHPS you can see a movie poster for BVD when Dr. Scott is drug through the castle. It would only be fitting to wrap up the binge with:

Did I miss anything? If there are any other classic and obscure references that I missed, please drop me a note in the comments so I can include in the lineup!

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