#48in48 Morning Paragraph #75

There are various reasons for my 48in48 self challenge.  One: knowledge is power, it is a sharable power and can be used for good.  Two: I believe people are so overwhelmed with soundbites from their own political/religious affiliation that they do not take the time to educate themselves on the particular item they are soundbiting.  This falls under the “just because Johnny jumps off a bridge does not mean you should too”.  Three: My newsfeed post-election became so horrible with hate and []

2011-01-13 They Say Mourning Takes One Year and One Day – Throwback Blog

They say mourning takes one year and one day January 13, 2011 at 8:44am Today is the anniversary of my Ma’s death.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better? I still try to cope by compartmentalizing the fact that she is gone.  There are days when I feel I have not given her the proper amount of mourning.  There are other days when it rushes upon me and I drown in a sea of saddness.  This was a year of “firsts”.  Every holiday []

Write A Chapter #48in48 #52

Riding horses brought Maggie peace.  Manson was more of a friend than any human ever could be.  Her parents would not understand her naming the horse after an alternative rocker, but there was something about the black and white coloration of his face and how his eyes grew large and wild sometimes that reminded her of pictures of Marilyn Manson.  As Maggie and Manson made their way through the valley she was finally able to relax. It had been a long week, []

Personal History #48in48 #46

When I was a very little kid…I stress very (as in like 8ish years old).  My Pawpaw would send me to the market to pick up Rose Tip Cigars, which he smoked.  He would give me a few dollars extra to pick up some things for myself.  I walked down the road, through some yards and around the corner (avoiding the “main road”) and to the store.  The name of the store was Rosie’s Market.  I would get the cigars for Pawpaw and []

Morning Paragraph #48in48 #34

It is the day after Thanksgiving and the day before Fakesgiving.  It is my first holiday gathering without Dad. He loved gatherings of people. It allowed him the opportunity to talk about things past, to enjoy conversations with a number of people and to be surrounded by people who loved his stories.  In his last years he would tell me repeatedly how he missed Ma. We would share the sorrow brought on by her absence. One of us would bring up one []

Music: Throwback Blog 2009-01-13 Tito Puente LIVE at LIRR

As a note: I am trying to make sure all of my blogs are in one place. There are some “notes” on Facebook that I will be moving here, for safekeeping.  I will consider these throwbacks worth remembering.  Today’s blog is a commuter blog (they used to be my favorites). Tito Puente LIVE at LIRR Ok, maybe not. But I did my best. LOL As you know, one of my commute modes is “Music Mode”. That would be the mode for yesterday. []

Write A Chapter Monday (on a Tuesday) #48in48 #16

Beck pulled into the parking spot along the public access area to the beach.  It was a warm night but the night breeze was blowing so she decided to reach for her jacket in the backseat.  She jumped out of the car, throwing her shoes to the passenger floorboard.  She would not need them after all, the walk from this spot to the beach was easy on the feet.  She knew the path like the back of her hand, having walked it a []