FayCo History: 1958 Collins High Yearbook (The Acorn)

This yearbook was my from James Paul Seletyn’s (Dad) Sophomore year at Collins High School in Oak Hill, Fayette County, West Virginia.

I found the yearbook on the Ancestry website. Looking at the various inscriptions, the book was owned by a student named “Tom” or “Tommy” who may have dated a “Betty”.

Below are a few photos, the entire senior class and the page from the sophomore class that has Dad’s picture. If you are interested in any other page that might be in the book or another class year, let me know and I will find it and update this blog to include it.

#FayCoHistory 1958

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

My Dad’s Sophomore yearbook picture:

My Uncle Fred Seletyn’s Freshman yearbook picture

The End.

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