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It is a crazy world out there kiddos. Plum eat up with it. Batshit for days. What do we do in the face of all of that? Protect ourselves. And how, pray tell, do we protect ourselves? By better understanding our rights and protocols.

Now, I am not asking you to become a lawyer or a judge. However, know your Constitution, especially the Amendments, cause people will be misquoting the hell outta some Amendments.

I really like this website:

The cool thing about that website is that explain in simple language that does not require to you to be a lawyer to understand. I encourage you to browse through their offerings.

And in today’s current atmosphere of he said – who said – she said – say what? I know there are some big fancy twelve dollar words that the media throws around. Before you take a click bait article or soundbyte media’s word for what they perceive to be the definition of that word – do yourself a favor and look it up. Hell, you are reading this blog on a laptop, desktop or cell phone. I KNOW you have the ability to look up words, definitions, terms, etc. is a massive collection of knowledge on a massive number of topics and easy to search…

Don’t know the history of something but don’t want to be left out of a circle? Don’t just add words to a conversation unless they are impactful. Especially if the conversation revolves around a piece of history, a culture, a tradition or a story you are unfamiliar with. Give credible value to your words. is a great website for some basic history and it is free. As a matter of fact, they have a number of courses that are interesting and…free.

Another way to protect your rights? Read your Human Resources Manual at work. Know what is allowed and what is not. Don’t know where to find your Employee Manual? Find your company website and if you have an employee login, odds are you can find an online version of your manual.

Do not be afraid to look at government websites for employee rights. You pay your taxes so governments can do governmenty things, like explain labor law. Here is a good reference for you:

It’s open enrollment time for health insurances. Read your materials. Know the various offerings your company has available. Read the stupid brochures. – that is just in case you need benefits. Enrollment starts Nov 1, if you are eligible.

We, as a society, have become somewhat lazy. We need immediate gratification and completion. If we cannot do it in a quick click of a button we grow bored or move on to something else. Take the time to understand whatever it is that is put in front of you.

The more you know, the better position you will be in.

Knowledge is power and this thing I am typing on allows me to find a WIDE array of resources.

You need a resource to understand various rights better? Send me a private message, together we can find a resource for you too!

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