Health: 2017 Running Schedule

Thinking about running in upcoming 5k races.  My goal by summer is to have a pace of 11:30 min/mile.  That would be right about my best pace from 2014, before things went skewy.  I am buying an elliptical and a rowing machine this weekend.  I want to shed at least thirty pounds by the half marathon in September.  Like last year, I plan on running at least one race each month (this year starting in May).  I plan on running the following races:

2017-05-20 – Electric River Run 5k, Gallipolis, Oh

2017-06-03 – Salvation Army Donut Run 5k, Portsmouth, OH

2017-07-22 – Sportfest Glow Run 5k, Charleston, WV

2017-08-05 – River Cities Harvest 7.5 mile trail run, Greenbo, KY

2017-09-16 – Air Force Half Marathon (13.1), Dayton, OH

2017-10-21 Bridge Day 5k Fayetteville, WV

2017-11 MAYBE Marshall Half Marathon

This year I am healthier, in a better frame of mind and have a number of goals I hope to meet.  I want to expand to trail running, though I have limited resources in my area to do so.  All training and runs will lead up to the Air Force Half.  I want to have a sub three run.  I know that is not a super fast pace, but for me it will be a PR.  Between Nov 2018 – Nov 2019 I want to run my first full marathon.  So that gives me 21 months to plan.

Again, I never claimed to be fast, I always met my goal of finishing though.

Random numbers from previous races:

2014-03-29 Lucky Charms Glitter 5k, Huntington, WV 39:49

2014-05-03 Huntington Health Revolution 5k, Huntington, WV 35:36

2014-11-01 Warrior Run 5k, Ripley, WV 40:12

2014-08-02 Top Gun (Virtual) 5k, New Haven, WV 41:35

2015-05-16 Electric River 5k, Gallipolis, OH 46:14

2015-11 Marshall Half Marathon, Huntington, WV 3:22:47, Pace 15:29 min/mile

2016-07 Red White and Blue Powder 5k, OH 36:22 (race was 2.80 miles long)

2016-08 John Grey Memorial 5k (night), Racine ,OH 42:30

2016-09-17 Mothman 5k, Point Pleasant, WV 41:47 (race was 2.99 miles long)

2016-10- Bridge Day 5k, Fayetteville, WV 50:20 (race was 3.64 miles long)


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