2017-03-01 Blog Stats

My 2017 writing routine is a bit different than ever before.  Part of this is because of my self-challenge (48in48) which consumes a lot of time and forces me to write, sometimes when I do not feel like it.  I also purchased my website and am considering the paid ad route (only to pay for the website on a yearly basis, if nothing else – no intention of “getting rich” from it).

Part of the new routine is to track my stats each month, the social media touches that I make.  Of course, I am a wee itty bitty blog in the great big world of blogs.  My numbers will be miniscule compared to most.  But each new “touch” is important to me and I want to track my progress.  So, here it goes.

 Twitter – +15 new followers

Google+ – No change

Flickr – No change

Facebook – -19 friends (I defriended people who suck the life out of me)

WordPress – +3 new followers

February 2017 saw 301 more hits than February 2016 on WordPress

WordPress saw the most clicks from within the United States.  However, the next four countries in clicks were: India, Canada, China and Ireland.

My Tweets earned 6,776 impressions over the last 28 days

As I move along with taking my blog more seriously I am sure that I will pay closer attention to different ways I “market my brand” and what interactions I am able to cultivate.  It is a fun pastime for me. 

Do you have a blog?  Do you track your progress?  I’d love to hear about your routines.  Let me know in the comments below!


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