Music: Lily Allen Concert

  My best bartender friend in the whole wide world, Nev, asked if I was free on Monday night.  I did not have anything proper planned and said, “Sure, what are we doing?”  He had tickets to see Lily Allen and I was invited to come along. To be honest, I could not recall who she was.  Then when I Googled her and watched her YouTube of Smile, I remembered seeing the vid along the ways somewhere.  Over the course of this []

Exit The King

Oh my, that was a great show…. and my those are two sexy people. Exit the King “Written in 1962, Exit the King follows the slow death of 400-year-old King Berenger the First, whose reign has outlasted both its welcome and its allotted time.“ The play is (as the snippet above notes) about a very old king who is refusing death.  He fights it.  He wallows on the ground against it.  He dances in its face.  He makes fun of it.  Sounds like []

When A Hug Becomes A Caress

I went to the opening of Impressionism last night.  In reading the reviews this morning, they are not as good as I thought they would be. Impressionism “Set in Manhattan, Impressionism is the story of a world traveling photojournalist and a New York gallery owner who discover each other and also that there might be an art to repairing broken lives.” The traveling photojournalist, Thomas Buckle, was played by Jeremy Irons. He was very comfortable in his role and made his []

What’s One More Scar, Right?

At a little after three AM this morning I found myself looking over my shoulder as I walked down a street in Brooklyn between 5th and 6th Avenues.  I looked at a man who watched me walk away and did nothing to stop me. This morning I sit here and think over my life, the choices I made and the destinations those choices brought me to.  I think of all the cliche movies and the lines one can pull from them to []

RIP Mary Kiszka

  Raleigh Register Obits:   Mary KiszkaArrangements by Tyree Funeral Home, Oak Hill, W.Va.   Mary Kiszka, 91, of Carlisle, W.Va., died Tuesday, March 3, 2009, at Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill, W.Va. Mass of Christian Burial will be 11 a.m. Saturday, March 7, 2009, at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Oak Hill. Visitation will be held at Tyree Funeral Home today from 5 to 7 p.m. Online condolences may be sent at I am sure you are []

DB’ery The Musical…

Well, ok, there is no musical… I am trying to make light of the ongoing struggle I have with the life leeches who (now) used to live upstairs. You guys have read about my ongoing battle with Broadzilla and Magda (there was the time they ruined my daughter’s graduation BBQ (or) there was the time when they parked so close to my car and refused to move which forced me to call the cops (or) there was the time they ripped my []

Broadzilla Strikes Again

She blocked kids that were visiting.  Their car was trapped in the driveway in front of hers.  Unlike my event, there was no way around her (not even crawling through the passenger’s side door).  The kid has class in the morning.  She is just a nasty bitch.  He was beating on her door (same as me).  He was ringing her doorbell (same as me).  Then he had to call the cops (same as me).  And the SECOND the cops arrived she opened []

The Sun Rose Over Brooklyn

And I got to see it.  LOL I told my good friend Melissa that I needed a drink.  She told me that one had already been poured for me in Brooklyn.  Thirty eight minutes later I was sitting on her couch sipping Malibu and mango juice while we caught up.  I was in a tired/weird spot when I told her I needed a drink but the instant I saw her I realized that the best thing for odd dispositions is a good []

Top Ten of Dating

I have recently found myself on a date for the first time in a considerably long time.  I was pleasantly surprised and am happy that I took the chance. In honor of such a marvelous time, I thought I would give a top ten to dating.  But what exact topic, hmmm… Top Ten Things To Make A Date Great: 1.  Conversation.  When you come away from a date (first date in particular) and you realize that you had a conversation that was []