Yes MRod, there is a Santa Claus

Since when did Christmas become the commercialized beast that it is today? When I look back on my childhood I do not recall “black Friday” being one of the mandatory days of Christmas.  Yet, here we are and here it is.  When I think back on Christmas, what I recall is this: My Mawmaw sitting at the stove making some random meal and singing Christmas carols.  Humming them then singing the lyrics she knew.  I stood in the kitchen doorway of my []

Hello My Old Friend

I look at this blog and I find that I actually enjoy reading my own meandering ponderances.  Arrogant?  Possibly.  It has been two years since my last post.  And I sit here and think upon the past two years and the reasons why I have removed myself from something I enjoyed so much along the years.  It is as if my pen dried up and all of the ideas fell carelessly from my mind. My Mom died.  I typed that and tears []

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

#10 My Chucks Those of you who know me know that I take pics of my feet.  Where have my feet been today?  And those adventures have been marvelous.  For over two years my Chucks have been in so many pictures in so many places doing so many things.  I look at my poor shoes – dirty (afraid to wash them as they may disintegrate in the dryer), the sides tearing away from the material, missing part of the stripes – and []


So in three weeks I have had three voices from my past come to haunt me.  Three voices from different times in my life and when I was in different places  Not only physically but emotionally.  All three voices were past loves who were the best and worse of my life.  Two of which asked me the same question, Do you ever think about “us”?  Sad thing is, yes.  Usually at the start of a relationship when I am evaluating who I []

Single Parenting – a right or a vice?

I will preface this blog by stating – I am a single mother.  I have raised two children to the best of my ability with no real assistance from any ‘father’ (other than my own).  In the face of that, both are now young adults who are attending college.  In my opinion, my children are well rounded in that they have an awareness of who they are and how their actions can affect others.  They both have a love of family and []

Mary Stuart

Opening Night Photos Mary Stuart “For a Queen to stand, a Queen must fall. Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart is a thrilling account of the extraordinary relationship between England’s Elizabeth I (Harriet Walter) and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (Janet McTeer), Elizabeth’s rival to the throne. With its behind the scenes intrigue, scheming and betrayal, the play also has the feel of a modern-day political thriller. Mary Stuart builds to one of the most electrifying dramatic confrontations in world theatre, in []

Desire Under The Elms

I am writing this in a very RETRO fashion.  I am so behind in my blogging.  Today I will endeavor to catch up on all that I have seen and experienced over the last few months…. So, let’s begin. LA Times: Desire Under the Elms Written in 1924, the tragic play tells the story of Ephraim Cabot (Dennehy), an aging landowner who is engaged in a battle with his son Eben (Schreiber) for control of the family farm. The father weds a []

Update on Mom

Rebecca Yolanda Seletyn.  One of the toughest old broads I know.  My Mom. Thanks to everyone who has sent out warm wishes and prayers for my Mom’s speedy recovery. A little history – My Mom has been a diabetic since her very early 30s.  She has not been the best at keeping a regimen of healthy diabetic living.  She would sneak a Coca Cola, occasionally eat a snack, etc.  When her blood sugars would go up, she would self adjust her medicine []

Music: Lily Allen Concert

  My best bartender friend in the whole wide world, Nev, asked if I was free on Monday night.  I did not have anything proper planned and said, “Sure, what are we doing?”  He had tickets to see Lily Allen and I was invited to come along. To be honest, I could not recall who she was.  Then when I Googled her and watched her YouTube of Smile, I remembered seeing the vid along the ways somewhere.  Over the course of this []

Exit The King

Oh my, that was a great show…. and my those are two sexy people. Exit the King “Written in 1962, Exit the King follows the slow death of 400-year-old King Berenger the First, whose reign has outlasted both its welcome and its allotted time.“ The play is (as the snippet above notes) about a very old king who is refusing death.  He fights it.  He wallows on the ground against it.  He dances in its face.  He makes fun of it.  Sounds like []