Looking at the world through blue-tinted glasses (my blog posted on Class-VI.com website)

http://www.class-vi.com/rafting/looking-at-the-world-through-blue-tinted-glasses/ Ok, ok, I don’t really have blue tinted glasses. I do, however, suffer from wintertime blues. But, then again, who doesn’t? The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and all we want is a little color in the world. That was my frame of mind as I set out on a Saturday afternoon. I was on the hunt for color. In recent weeks I have been exploring trails in the Fayette County area. Growing up here, there are many trails []

#2 – The Klan’s Robes-to-Shirts Program (my life in five minute shorts)

Combing my Rolodex of memories for the heroes who have come along in my life, one stands out in a grand fashion – Ma’s father (my Pawpaw). What an amazing character he was and he is sorely missed.  He was a true original Hero, as far as I am concerned.  Alexander Taraczkozy was born on Valentines Day to Hungarian immigrants.  My great-grandfather was a shoe maker and my great-grandmother ran a boarding house.  They lived in the coal camps and had amazingly colorful []

Brotherly Love (Warning: this one is long folks.)

No, I am not moving to Philly.  That would be a much easier topic to tackle than what I am about to dive into here on my blog.  ((Inhale, exhale, inhale, sigh))  Because my step-brother has harassed me to the point of scaring me – because (finally) being my normal blunt self and telling him to leave me alone or I would seek a restraining order did not work – because since my certified letter asking him to cease and desist all forms of contact with both []

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive. That is the question?

A couple of years before my Ma’s health took a severe turn for the worse I received a phone call from her.  I was sitting at my desk, it was early morning and the conversation started with the following:  (Ma:)  I talked to God the other night.  He came to me and told me to ask for forgiveness from those who I have hurt but first forgive them for whatever they have done to me.  So, I wanted to ask you to []

How To Save A Life – (aka – how to register to be a bone marrow donor)

10,000 patients need a bone marrow transplant – half will receive one. On my Lifetime List I have a number of things to see, to do, to accomplish, to eat and several people to meet.  The list is pretty long and pretty diverse.  For instance, one of the things I want to accomplish in my life is to – Save A Life. So, how does one save a life?  Let’s see – I have donated gallons of plasma.  No, really, I have!  []

Look out 2012 – here I come!

I find it fascinating how in just four weeks I could turn my attitude completely around.  Am I still a pessimistic curmudgeon?  Um – yeah.  But I am a pessimistic curmudgeon with a hint of possibility. A little over a month ago I was in a bad spot.  I was in a funk.  It seemed like there was no light at the end of my tunnel.  I was waiting for someone to reach out to me from the other side of the []

MapMyFitness – fitness tracking app for iPhone and associated website

My friend Tiny told me about an app he uses on his iPhone to map his bike routes which would be useful for my runs as well.  Upon researching the site/app a little further, it is for more than just mapping routes, you can also monitor your nutrition, track your workouts and check to see if there are any events in the area in which you might wish to participate. The name of the site/app: MapMyFitness.com I have downloaded the following associated []

#1 – Mr. Naked Ballerina-Man (My Life In Five Minute Shorts)

One thing that has bothered me about loosing my Ma last year is the worry of her “essence” being lost with her.  Stories of who she was as a kid, what did she do, how did she live, what things did she enjoy.  Recipees.  Being able to tell me what relative it is in some old black and white photo.  Because of that, I am working to be proactive in journaling the recipees that I use that my children like (it will be []

If I was going somewhere, I was running!

So I dropped my registration form and $20 check in the mail for the Grist Mill Grinder.  It is a half marathon trail run set for April.  I hope to also be registering for a traditional half marathon in Cincinnati set for May (The Flying Pig).  I have two runs in and some light workouts.  Tonight I will be working on the blueprint for my goals and grocery shopping (on the outside parameters of the store so as to not get the []

The Art of the Woo

I woke this morning from a vivid dream in which a man, of some interest to me, endeavored to woo me.  It left me very awake (because it was so sweet) and a little sad (because the Woo is a lost art form). Generation Y will never understand the amazing feeling of anticipation associated with woo’ing because they are an age-bracket hell-bent on immediate satisfaction.  They were raised on texting, computers, AOL, AIM, Skype.  Lost upon them is the concept of handwritten notes []