He said the only con he was running was to make me love him for the rest of my life. Little did he know, I was running the same con.

He lives his life like his ass is on fire.  Plain and simple.  If it has wheels, he has raced it…shifter carts, drag cars, bikes…  If it has wings, he has jumped from it…from the side, from the back, helicopters.  If it can attain high speeds he has crashed it…corvettes, too-small-canopies.  And if he has raced it or jumped from it or wrecked it – odds are he can rebuild it or repair it.  He is beyond mechanically inclined.  He volunteers to charge []

I told him I was broken and he responded, “Aren’t we all?”

***Disclaimer folks, this is a long one.  But, I’m the storyteller so I get to tell it in as many words as I want. Until last weekend there were two instances that ripped my heart in half.  The most traumatic moment of my life was when I had to tell my Daddy that Ma had died and then hearing his agony in the minutes that felt like centuries after.  The second happened in September 2011 when my daughter was rafting the Gauntlet []

Who are the Rodriguez Brothers?!? F##k the Rodriguez Brothers!

I am sitting here shaking my head on this one.  I am smiling.  And I am picturing Bobby who giggled when I did his body shot.  It’s business as usual at the hanger. Who ARE the Rodriguez Brothers?  ((proper response)) FUCK the Rodriguez Brothers!!  The Rodriguez Brothers are a private group of skydivers who must go through an intricate initiation and perform ritualistic dancing before they are accepted into the clan.  They are given a new name and presented to the family []

Let the good times roll.

I have to say, I believe this was the best Memorial Day weekend I have ever had.  I could almost end my blog on that one sentence because it holds so much truth to it.  However… the weekend was long and this blog will be longer… it’s a long read folks, just letting you know… 🙂 I requested time off (from my “real” job) for Monday (Memorial Day) because we had three days of jumping available at the DZ.  I was late getting []

Who is Tunney Hunsaker?

Original blogpost can be found on the Adventures on the Gorge website:  http://www.class-vi.com/rafting/ Who Is Tunney Hunsaker? For those of you who have made the journey to Fayette Station, traveling the winding road to the New River, you are all-to-familiar with the smaller bridge “down below”, the one with the sign that reads “Tunney Hunsaker Bridge”.  Have you ever asked yourself, who IS this Tunney Hunsaker?  Well my friend, I am here to answer that question for you. Tunney Morgan Hunsaker was []

The Other Lake

Original blogpost was for Adventures on the Gorge and can be found here:  http://adventurewestvirginia.com/vacations/the-other-lake/ The Other Lake For ten years, I lived just outside of New York City. On my visits home, usually within my first twelve hours back in Fayette County, I would find myself exploring Plum Orchard Lake as if it were my first time there. The hustle-bustle of metropolitan life and the cacophony of city-sounds were always sensory-rich but there was something about the gentle sway of the pier, []

Who needs Barbie, I had Knieval!

When I was a little girl, I lived in a holler in West Virginia.  Life was quiet and a lot of times I was left to my own imagination.  My Ma bought me toys like the bags of plastic multi color animals, Star Wars action figures and one of my greatest loves of all – the Evil Knieval doll, complete with motorcycle.  He had a cape (or maybe I made him a cape, I cannot remember) and a red wind-em-up apparatus that []

To Jump Or Not To Jump…Oh Hell No That Is NOT The Question…

My favorite jump to date was this weekend and I have no photo or video to commemorate it.  Hell, I don’t even have a single picture of me from this weekend at all.  Which is kind of humorous because I just finished working on the social media for the WVS and I think I took somewhere around 800 photos that I weened down to two albums of over a hundred pictures each. I went into this weekend with the stresses of life []

Bubby Goes To College

You know, there are a number of proud moments that I have had in my life.  One that will rank high on the list for all time is my son’s graduation from Concord University.  My heart swells with pride over his accomplishment.  He will walk across the graduation stage the morning of May 12th.  He is now starting to apply for teaching positions in local schools. Alexander Zachary Seletyn came into this world on a snowy January day in 1988.  Until then, I []

A hickie from Kenickie…

When I was sixteen I went away to Conservation Camp. We stayed in cabins and wandered through the woods, there may have been an all-girl skinny dip at the lake at two in the morning and I had a brief interlude (though not while skinny dipping, of course) with a boy named Stacie. He was cute and ginger and I giggled a lot around him. Stacie gave me my first hickie while sitting on the deck of the pier. I half-smile as I think of []