Books 13-14 – A Tale of Two Georges

“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” — Alberto Manguel I have been an avid reader since kindergarten.  My Ma made sure of that (as an avid reader herself).  Growing up, I spent a lot of time by myself, in NYC the commute allows for a lot of downtime, I []

Happy Little Trees

As many of you know, I have a long list of things to do (My Life List).  Over the years I have been very fortunate to accomplish a number of items on my list.  Last night I crossed off “Take an art class and make a personal masterpiece.” Ever since the first Paleo-Picasso ran his finger through wet mud and drew a powerful beast in a hunting scene on his cave wall, man has been fascinated with putting “paint to canvas”.  I []

That One Moment In Time….

Where was I this day last year?  Well, I had a helluva weekend in skydives.  The weather was hotter than Hades.  I was about ready to be inducted into the Rodriguez Brothers.  But those are only small details.  You see, the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend 2012 was “the first day of the rest of my life”. I was sitting at the plastic green table just inside the kitchen area of the DZ.  I found myself drinking Bud Platinum from blue bottles, []

Letters To My Children

Advice to my Daughter as Mother’s Day draws near: Anything you want to be, you can.  You are the engineer of your own life.  I know that sometimes life can be overwhelming, that it can seem as if all things are closing in on you.  Just remember, you are never alone.  Your battles are oftentimes easier to bear if you remember that someone has your back.  As long as I draw breath, I will be that person for you. It does not []

It’s All About The Nap

You know, it’s a lot like having a toddler all over again. Except, he is not a toddler, he’s my Dad. We leave for an appointment and I check my purse for snacks and tissues. I make a mental note to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, last time I forgot and he stayed thirsty the whole time. Zip your coat up and let’s go. He told me the other day that life is ironic – you come into this []

What Five Famous (Dead or Alive) People Would You Invite To Dinner?

So I went on an interview today.  Post-Interview, I feel really good about my presentation and answers. I worried over what to wear.  I have recently lost about 23 pounds so my “large girl” pants no longer fit and my older “NYC attire” is a hodge podge (some still a little tighter than appropriate for an interview).  I settled on a conservative pinstripe shirt, black slacks and my favorite black bra.  I felt good in the outfit, comfortable.  So, imagine my surprise []

A Tale of Two Doctors and Other Interesting Stories

“Hello?” “Is James Seletyn or Rebecca Seletyn available today?” ((heavy sigh)) “No, I wish.  My Mom passed January of 2010.  My Dad has been placed in a nursing home and will never be able to pay the bill you are calling about.  Please remove this telephone number from your register as only a caretaker for the house will be here and he is not able to answer any of your questions. I have turned in my Mom’s death certificate this week to []

Book: The Hunger Games (books 10-12)

The first book was delicious, I devoured it quickly.  (Did you catch my play on “Hunger” there?  Clever, eh?) Congratulations to Suzanne Collins, the author of this fine series of books.  She did a great job giving us the next “I have to see this when it comes out in the movies” set of books.  After Potter and Twilight, did we fear a dry season or what?  She did not disappoint.  She has another series (“Gregor” about a kid in NYC who []

Everything before the but…

My Dad once told me that “everything before the but is a lie”.  Now, what did he mean?  Let me give you a few examples: I would love to help you move BUT I am busy this weekend. I would like to go out with you on a date BUT I have to wash my hair. I would volunteer BUT I have to work on each of those days. Get the point?  Well, let me officially start this blog with, “I don’t []

This Lil’ Piggy…

Friday was the appointment for Dad’s partial toe amputation.  I had explained it in a way that did not terrify him.  They are going to “work” on your toe.  They have to take the dead black part of.  Nonthreatening language that I was careful to word myself in a way that would not send Dad into a tailspin.  Thursday night I went to bed early knowing that Friday was going to be a long day.  At 430AM my cell phone goes off.  []