Everything before the but…

My Dad once told me that “everything before the but is a lie”.  Now, what did he mean?  Let me give you a few examples: I would love to help you move BUT I am busy this weekend. I would like to go out with you on a date BUT I have to wash my hair. I would volunteer BUT I have to work on each of those days. Get the point?  Well, let me officially start this blog with, “I don’t []

This Lil’ Piggy…

Friday was the appointment for Dad’s partial toe amputation.  I had explained it in a way that did not terrify him.  They are going to “work” on your toe.  They have to take the dead black part of.  Nonthreatening language that I was careful to word myself in a way that would not send Dad into a tailspin.  Thursday night I went to bed early knowing that Friday was going to be a long day.  At 430AM my cell phone goes off.  []

Bittersweet Symphony

As I took my jacket off Daddy burst into tears: “I was just thinking I would call Alex or Mandy and have them bring your Mommy to see me.  I miss her and I wanted to see her.  Then I remembered she was dead.”  And then he wept harder.  He asked how we got here, did he have a stroke?  I went through a brief summary – the surgery, the cardiac arrest, the hypoxia and lack of oxygen, the stay and Huntington []

Call The Sheriff!

“I am calling the sheriff!  You have me here against my will!  Who are you?  Where am I?!?” Yesterday morning was a far cry different than the day of transport for Dad.  I received a call from a befuddled Dad that morning.  With his hearing impairment he could not understand me but was shouting I needed to get there as soon as possible, paperwork needed to be filed.  Once I got there, I walked into the room (with much trepidation, not knowing []

Overbrook Center – New Beginnings

Before I start my blog, Dad has been moved to a new facility:  Overbrook Center, Middleport, Ohio, Room 309.  I am getting a phone put into his room and will update with a number as soon as I can.  Now to the blog… Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day.  It really was.  I found a nursing home that is pretty great and only 9.3 miles from my house.  Previously driving door-to-door was 67.6 miles.  I tracked it yesterday on, what []

Dad Update

No one knows the extent of my strength but me.  No one knows the depth of my weaknesses but me.  And when they collide, the world stops and hitches in my heart.  Just such a collision occurred yesterday.  While Mander and I visited my Dad, he cried.  Pretty much for the entire visit.  When I was a young mother I thought the worse thing in the world was when my child cried and I was unable to console them and unable to []

Books 7-9 Christopher Paolini Series

I re-read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr so I could read “fresh” the fourth and final installment “Inheritance”.  It is a good series.  The ones I liked the most were Eragon and Inheritance.  Although I understand the middle two were needed to build the world Paolini envisioned, I felt it was almost too much. For whatever reason, we were made to wait such a long time for the fourth novel.  That forced me to re-read to remember the whole storyline.  That frustrated me []

Eggs and Benedict

So, over my morning fare of scrambles with turkey and spinach, I am reading up on the decision of Pope Benedict to resign from being Pontiff.  My first thought: That’s allowed?  Apparently, it is.  If we believe what the headlines say, even the Vatican was surprised.  He cited failing health in the tone of mind and body. Reading up on the events as they unfold, I am taken back to my office at Sutton in Valley Stream when Benedict took his place []

The Island of Misfits

Today was an exceptionally hard day.  Possibly the hardest day I have had since Daddy became sick. This person, this person who looks like my father – this is not Daddy.  Would Dad intentionally make me cry?  No.  No, I am sure he would not.  However, this person, the one who looks like my father – that is just what he did today. His surgery was on Dec 4th.  He remained in a coma-like condition until Dec 12th (even though sleep-inducing meds []

Eragon, Written by Christopher Paolini (Book 6 out of 100)

It had been a while since I read the first three books in this series.  The fourth, and final installment, has been out for a little while.  And, as I am diving back into reading and trying to knock out the stacks of what I already have before buying new pages, I decided to reread the first three books so I could catch up to where we are at the opening of number four.  As I reread the first book, I remembered []