TV: Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2 (2011)

Game of Thrones, S1E2 The Kingsroad

This episode aired April 11, 2011 on HBO


In the opening credits we see King’s Landing (Baratheon sigil), Winterfell (Stark sigil) – I love the godswood, The Wall (complete with elevator), Dothraki Sea, and Vaes Dothrak.

From iMDB trivia: The sun tells an important part of the series back story on its panels. It does so in three segments. First, as the credits start up, the sun depicts how the Targaryens and their dragons conquered Westeros. The second time the sun is shown, a dragon is depicted in a mortal struggle with 3 other animals: The Stag, the Lion and the Wolf. It is a very literal way to show how Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark rebelled, with Tywin Lannister reluctantly supporting them, in the end. Finally, the third time the sun is shown, before the series title enter the scene, a lion (among other animals) is shown “kneeling” to a triumphant Stag. Just as Robert was crowned King after winning the war.

We open with the crossing of the Dothraki Sea which is not really a sea but a massive meadow. Dany is a bit haughty. Jorah tries to calm Dany with a little horse jerky and as she looks at her Sun and Moon he says “It will get easier.” He is a little creepy at this point. Well, he stays creepy pretty much throughout.

Tyrion! Hair of the dog? HOLY SHIT! I forgot that Tyrion draws back and smacks the shit out of Joffrey!!! YAS! And he smacks him again in the opposite direction! DOUBLE YAS! Little shit.

“I’m telling Mother!” “Go, tell her.” And another smack. “The prince will remember that little lord.” I wonder how much time passed between the filming of Ep 1 and Ep2? His hair is a tad darker in this ep. Tyrion will be headed to The Wall. “I just want to stand on top off the wall and piss off the edge of the world.” Death is so final… I love that Tyrion knows there is something odd about the injury of Bran and he mentions to Jamie how he hopes he wakes because he is curious what he’d say. Jamie does not go on the defense but more or less shrugs it off.

Image result for image where cersei talks about losing roberts child
Cersei Lannister discussing the loss of her first born child.

Wait, in the book Cersei never had a child by Robert. When she goes to see Ned to discuss his realization of who fathered her children, she tells him that she became pregnant with Robert’s child and had an abortion out of her hatred for the King. In researching this blog, I read that Lena Headey was actually pregnant during the filming of this scene. I think I prefer the show’s version. It gives a more human light to Cersei. I truly feel like she is an amazing actress to draw out our anger and loathing for this character.

Also unlike the book, the show allows us to see John at the smith having needle made for Arya. I love the exchange with Jamie, about the Night’s Watch. “It’s only for life.” Jamie is such a dick!

Image result for image jon and jamie
Two-handed Jamie Lannister sarcastically thanking Jon for enlisting with the Night’s Watch.

Jon then makes his way to see Arya as she packs to leave for King’s Landing. The story of the love of siblings, knowing one is a bastard. Needle! “It’s so skinny.” “So are you.” The one tool, other than her wit, that would carry her throughout the story. “First lesson, stick them with the pointy end.”

“I’m going to miss you.” And so begins a separation of siblings that, when eventually reunited, would make our hearts burst at the seams! He then goes to say goodbye to Bran and again I remember why I hate Lady Catelyn. He speaks to Bran despite the protestations of Catelyn. Jon truly loves each of his siblings. And she ends with “I want you to leave.”

Image result for jon says goodbye to bran

I like the book version better. He stands up for himself more in the book. And Ned Stark does not see the exchange. I feel like he is a lesser person for not standing up for Jon. Oh Sean Bean… you should really just stay.

And then the exchange with Rob, Jon says he knows Bran will be ok because “You Starks are hard to kill.”

Image result for ned tells catelyn goodbye as leaves with king

“You might not have my name but you have my blood.” Slight clue? Ned deflects questions about his mother and tells him the next time they see each other he will tell him about his mother. And so begins the tearing apart of a family…

Image result for ned jon
Robert promises Jon he will talk about his mother, when they meet again.

“Thank the gods for Bessie and her tits!” Speaking with the king, Ned gives a fake name for the mother of his bastard. I don’t like that. The book allowed him to refuse to give it, which bolsters his honor (IMHO).

Image result for ned stark and robert baratheon kings road
Robert and Ned sup dinner on the Kingsroad as Robert talks of killing Dany.

Oh hey… there are Emilia’s boobs! QUICK scene of a quickie and then we move on to the group making their way to The Wall.

Image result for tyrion and jon on way to wall why do you read so much
Tyrion and his books.

“My repulsive nephew will be the king after him…” At least Tyrion is honest. They speak of grumpkins and snarks!

Image result for bran, maester luwin, catelyn
Lady Catelyn watches over an injured Bran

The show glosses over how batshit Catelyn becomes at the bedside of Bran. I like actually hearing the wolves baying at the window. FIRE! And Catelyn stays with Bran….

Image result for bran's assassin
Bran’s Assassin

“You’re not supposed to be here. Nobody’s supposed to be here. It’s a mercy. He’s dead already.” I am amazed by how the faces of some of the most minor (and brief) characters stayed in my mind as I listened to the book on Audibles! I still wince though, watching this scene. Her hands grasping the blade. And the direwolf!! His mouth red with the assassin’s blood.

Ah, the dragon origin story being told to Dany. The moon was a dragon egg. “Can you teach me how to make the Khal happy?”

The scenes are quickly paced and switch back and forth a lot. I didn’t remember that about this first season. There is a QUICK scene of the group making it to the wall and Jon’s uncle telling him, “Welcome.” We get a good look at the immensity of The Wall.

Image result for the wall season 1 game of thrones

The Wall

While Catelyn makes her way to the scene of the crime to find out why Bran is now broken, there is a really great overhead shot of her looking up. There is a scene in a later season where Sansa stands in the same place and has the exact same shot. I never put those two together until reading a blog on the comparisons of mother to daughter and their show arcs.

Post image
Catelyn and Sansa, different seasons, looking up at the broken tower

Her detective work pays off as she finds one of Cersei’s hairs on the cleared floor where the twins tousled. She gathers her people together (those left behind after the royals have left with her husband). She tells them that something is afoot and she believes it is the Lannister’s undertaking, that they shoved Bran from the window. And we get a first look at the dagger.

Image result for ser rodrik cassel holding the dagger

Of course Lady Catelyn takes it upon herself (arrogantly) to travel to Ned to tell him of the assassination attempt and her belief that the Lannisters are the ones who set it up. If only she had let someone else go. If only.

Now, we have Sex Ed with the Khaleesi. “Are you a slave Khaleesi? Then don’t make love like a slave.”

Image result for khaleesi learns about sex

Dothraki Sex Education

Oh hey… Let’s see what she has learned…

Related image

Who says an old Drogo can’t learn a new trick? And just like the sibling quickie, we move quickly along to Sansa and the scene that gives me anxiety – the wooden sword fight that would be the demise of the innocent direwolf, Lady.

Image result for the butcher boy and joffrey
Arrogant Joffrey

And this is when Joffrey changes and the Stark girls are worse for the wear. Oh, Nymeria!

Image result for arya chasing off nymeria
Arya tells Nymeria goodbye.

This is a turning point. This is the beginning of the end for Ned. Robert betrayed Ned in this moment, the trust felt broken. Then Sansa betrays Arya and another trust is broken. This, in my opinion, is a pivotal moment. Cersei “And what of the direwolf?” Ugh – the queen took her vengeance on Ned by killing Lady. Bitch.

Image result for the death of lady, game of throne

The wolf is of the north, she deserves better than a butcher.

And then the Hound. He ran down the butcher’s boy.

Image result for the hound with the butcher's boy over his horse
“He ran. Not very fast.”

And, as Ned snaps the neck of the wolf, Bran’s eyes open. Was this meant to be a sacrifice? The coincidence of Bran waking at the same moment that Ned Stark has to kill Sansa’s Direwolf Lady may be the first harbinger of his destiny that he will become the Three-Eyed Raven, who sees through the eyes of animals as well as has visions of the past, present, and future.

After the events in this episode, Lady, real name Zunni, was adopted by the actress Sophie Turner, who played her owner Sansa Stark.

And now for a few extras:


  Sean Bean Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark
  Mark Addy Robert Baratheon
  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Jaime Lannister
  Michelle Fairley Catelyn Stark
  Lena Headey Cersei Lannister
  Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen
  Iain Glen Jorah Mormont
  Harry Lloyd Viserys Targaryen
  Kit Harington Jon Snow
  Sophie Turner Sansa Stark
  Maisie Williams Arya Stark
  Richard Madden Robb Stark
  Alfie Allen Theon Greyjoy
  Isaac Hempstead Wright Bran Stark
  Jack Gleeson Joffrey Baratheon
  Rory McCann Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane
  Peter Dinklage Tyrion Lannister
  Donald Sumpter Maester Luwin
  Jamie Sives Jory Cassel
  Ron Donachie Rodrik Cassel
  Joseph Mawle Benjen Stark
  Roxanne McKee Doreah
  Dar Salim Qotho
  Amrita Acharia Irri
  Sarita Piotrowski Jhiqui
  Wilko Johnson Ilyn Payne
  Rhodri Hosking Mycah
  Luke Barnes Rast (as Luke McEwan)
  Lalor Roddy Catspaw Assassin
  Conor Delaney Lannister Guard
  Callum Wharry Tommen Baratheon
  Aimee Richardson Myrcella Baratheon
  Jason Momoa Khal Drogo

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