Personal History: 50 / 50 Reflections

This morning, as I looked out of my sunroom, I saw the moon hanging in the sky. You could see it’s very dark shape and only a tiny sliver of brilliant light was clearly visible from the bottom.  I took a cell phone photo of it but I am so horribly bad at moon shots.

I put it on Instagram and thru that it posted to my other social media accounts. I included a blurb: “The moon thru the sunroom window. That little sliver of light, a reflection of the sun, the moon’s sister. Really beautiful this morning. 🌞 🌚”

I thought I could use it for my 50/50 blog for today and throw in a little thankfulness in there as well.  Like I said in the blurb, that little sliver of light is a reflection of the sun upon the moon.  So many aspects of our lives include a:


The type of reflection I will reflect on today is the one our Children puts out into the world – they reflect what we shine upon them.  If they see you acting a certain way, saying certain things, allowing certain behaviors… well, they will reflect that in their own daily lives. You are your children’s first and primary example. Remember that.

So, my few insights:

  • LISTEN to them. Put down your devices and look them in the eye when they are telling you a story, describing a feeling or conveying their love to you.  They need your acknowledgement and if all you are giving them is the top of your head, because your face is looking elsewhere, it diminishes your connection with them.
  • Work hard.  No matter the task at hand, if your child is watching you, give it your best effort. Even if your work comes up short (and sometimes it will), your child will see that your effort was honest and complete.
  • Be kind. To them. To others (humans, animals, you name it). But, most importantly, to yourself. Self care is sometimes more difficult because we feel silly placing attention upon ourselves.  Self care is important and necessary.  It manifests in unique ways per individual.  “Me Time”, a bubblebath, working on your hobby… Always remember to take care of yourself and your children will learn the importance of taking care of themselves.
  • Show strength without smothering your vulnerabilities.  Failure is inevitable in life.  Showing your child how to cope with a failure can be one of the best building blocks to their foundations in life. Allow yourself to cry in front of them so they see it is healthy sometimes to let it out.  If you are angry, or sad or full of visible emotion, consider circling back around to a conversation (once emotions are in check) and explaining why you felt the way you did and how you worked through your feelings. Their first coping mechanisms are put in place by watching how you respond to stress.  Do not trivialize how THEY feel. If they are sad-mad-glad, talk about it and let them navigate how to work through their own emotions, independent of you.
  • Be open minded.  You gave them life but the life they lead is theirs and theirs alone. You can be concerned about their choices but they are just that: THEIR choices.  You can offer your opinions, your guidance or your resources but in the end THEY are the ones who own the consequences (good or bad) of their actions.

Whitney always told us: “I believe the children are our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier, let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.

Today I am thankful for my children. I am fortunate.  They are both smart, kind and genuinely good. My hope every day is that they find and live a happiness/contentedness that supports a life filled with joy.

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