Personal History

Genealogy: DNA

When asked about my nationality, as a kid I would say “Hungarian, Cherokee and some Polish”. I have not been able to []

Genealogy: Personal Wish

Just a quick post this go around. In all of the hoarding of photos and memorabilia, I am saddened that there are no photos of my baptism nor is there a single photo of my birth father holding me as an infant, nor any of his family with me as a baby.  Those are things that are lost to me.  When Ma passed away, Daddy made sure I had her cedar chest and the various photo books that dealt with me, her []

Personal History: A Father Moore Story

Father Moore was the only true spiritual guide I had solidly in my life.  I would talk to him about anything, no holds barred.  He would give me sound advice, not something full of religious fluff.  Relevant and usable advice.  Oftentimes these conversations would occur in the confessional and we would ramble on for a lengthy amount of time.  It caused more than one conversation to occur with my Dad who was worried that people were wondering what it was I had []