Personal History #48in48 #46

When I was a very little kid…I stress very (as in like 8ish years old).  My Pawpaw would send me to the market to pick up Rose Tip Cigars, which he smoked.  He would give me a few dollars extra to pick up some things for myself.  I walked down the road, through some yards and around the corner (avoiding the “main road”) and to the store.  The name of the store was Rosie’s Market.  I would get the cigars for Pawpaw and with the $2 I could buy a brown bag of candy, a bottle of Dr Pepper and some little plastic figurine that I added to my collection and would more than likely have change for my pocket. I would then make my way back to my Grandparents’ house.

It makes me sad that kids today will never be able to experience the freedom of free range exploration because of all the dangers that are present in the world. As a little kid I roamed the woods, rode my bike to the ends of the street, spoke politely to strangers, could be left alone for a few minutes in the car while Ma ran in the store… All of those thigns were innocent and lacking the concern of modern day parents.



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