Journal: Evening 9 May 2018 (Love Of Campers – Origins)

My love of campers, camping and adventures has an origin: my Pawpaw.  I can remember great camping trips in such places as Kissimmee FL, Pipestem State Park WV and Cades Cove TN.  Above is one of my all time favorite photos of me as a toddler.  Hanging with Pawpaw outside of the camper. I am fairly certain we are at a tent revival with Mawmaw and he is watching me while she listens to services.  There he is, pants pulled all the way up to his nipples.  ((chuckle))

That is me and my dog, Precious, sitting outside of another camper which is parked at Pipestem State Park (WV).  We were on the row behind the shower house.  Shower houses always terrified me a little.  There was one time when we camped in the orange groves in Florida and when I was taking an evening shower a tree frog climbed in with me.  Scared the bejesus out of me.  But more so because it had seen me naked than being afraid to pick it up and sush it out of the stall.  The weird thoughts of a kid.

I think about my Pawpaw a lot, more so now that I am a genealogy nerd.  But when summers first start up, long about May/June,, I miss him the most.  He was amazing, that man.  He was my hero.  My original camping buddy.

Alexander Taraczkozy (14 Feb 1911 – 04 Aug 1985)

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