Giving Thanks (x5) #48in48 #13

It being the week of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the things I am most grateful for.  For my personal history blog (that should have been posted during my busy weekend – oops) I am touching upon five of those that I am most thankful for:

The Bobert.  I am always thankful for Husband.  He is amazing. But this year, I am more thankful for him than ever.  He has been amazing (no surprise).  He sat at my bedside after my surgery.  He held me through the difficult time of losing my Dad. This has been a rougher-than-normal year on me and he has been my rock through it all.  They say you have to live through the bad to appreciate the good. That is the truth. When I lost Ma I was with someone who was not nice to me, who pretended to love me because they did not have better options, who cheated on me emotionally with numerous people “online”.  Losing Ma felt like I would die and I did not have the love and support of the person that was supposed to be my pillar – it made a hard time more desolate.  Fast forward to Daddy… Bobby was my strength and because I know what it was like to have a shitty relationship when catastrophe strikes, it made me realize how much stronger I can be when the one who supports me ACTUALLY supports me.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this man, my love, my soul mate.  Totally Thankful for him.

2 The Kids.   I come from an area of the world where young single mom pregnancy, poor education, drug addiction and high divorce rates run rampant.  I am so proud of my children.  Both are in their mid to late 20s, drug-free, single (no baggage), no children and are both teachers.  They have honorable professions and good hearts.  They both have their issues, I am sure. But overall they are strong, solid individuals who will make a difference in the lives of upcoming generations.  Love is not a strong enough word for the emotion I have for them.

3  The Friends.  I am very fortunate to be “surrounded” (I put that in parenthesis because surround makes it sound like they are within arm’s reach, which none of them are) by an amazing set of friends.  They are my inner circle, the ones to whom I reach out when I have news or happiness or troubles I need to share.  They all add color to my world in their own quirky way.  I am who I am because they allow me to be myself.  I love them, you know who you are…

4  The Music. This year was a great musical year.  Because Ben and I take in Mountain Stage with some irregularity, I have been exposed to some new amazing music.  Of course taking in oldies-but-goodies with Husband and seeing Joan Jett and Heart was equally amazing.  I am excited about the new music part of my #48in48 challenge.  And then of course Erin gave me access to Spotify and my world is forever musically changed.  Thank you Erin – for helping open up my musical universe…

Image result for image spotify

5 The Health.  I still have a LONG way to go to hit my health-targets but I am thankful that I finally found a great doctor who actually listened to me and performed the necessary surgery that I required.  I am terrified to think of what could have developed from that and very thankful for Dr Mofor-Eta stepping in and fixing what ailed me.

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