Top Ten Videos That Make Chelle Happy

    I have a few videos that I refer back to when I am having a sad or blue day.  They make me smile and are my guilty pleasure.  Here are ten of those vids:   When you ask a three year old what she will do to the monster…   Then there is the guy who is busted rapping in the bathroom (truly one of my faves)   Ellen’s 7 Second Mood Booster (I DARE you not to laugh)   []

Giving Thanks (x5) #48in48 #13

It being the week of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the things I am most grateful for.  For my personal history blog (that should have been posted during my busy weekend – oops) I am touching upon five of those that I am most thankful for: 1  The Bobert.  I am always thankful for Husband.  He is amazing. But this year, I am more thankful for him than ever.  He has been amazing (no surprise).  He sat at my bedside after my surgery.  []