Top Ten Videos That Make Chelle Happy



I have a few videos that I refer back to when I am having a sad or blue day.  They make me smile and are my guilty pleasure.  Here are ten of those vids:


When you ask a three year old what she will do to the monster…


Then there is the guy who is busted rapping in the bathroom (truly one of my faves)


Ellen’s 7 Second Mood Booster (I DARE you not to laugh)


Tonight you belong to me – this kid, she is a character!!! LOVE


There are certain videos from when the kids grew up that still crack me up – like, My Hands Are Bananas!


And, if you know me, you know that I always wanted to be an emo breakdancer! (This song is one of my fave running songs)


Also, if you know me, you know that I have a sick sense of humor…it rubs the lotion on the skin….  (Sadly, this is on my run playlist too…hell, it’s catchy!)


There is something about a Romanian love song that sets my mood level on high!


OMG I cannot forget The Evolution of Dance!! (I would love to see one of his motivational talks!!)


And I will wrap up this list with my fave cat video:


I hope you feel a little happier, I know I am giggling!


That cat…. he gets me every time!  SAIL!



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