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Top Ten Videos That Make Chelle Happy

    I have a few videos that I refer back to when I am having a sad or blue day.  They make me smile and are my guilty pleasure.  Here are ten of those vids:   When you ask a three year old what she will do to the monster…   Then there is the guy who is busted rapping in the bathroom (truly one of my faves)   Ellen’s 7 Second Mood Booster (I DARE you not to laugh)   []

Top Ten YouTube Videos

So I am going to blame this blog on my good friend Erin who sent me my latest “happy spot”. Those of you who know me, know that I have certain videos that I pull up on particularly bad days to make me think of something else. Kind of like Peter Pan and the Happy Spot when I need to relearn how to fly. Most will associate my happy spot with Amp’d Mobile Busted. The happy spot sent by Erin is number []