Top Ten YouTube Videos

So I am going to blame this blog on my good friend Erin who sent me my latest “happy spot”. Those of you who know me, know that I have certain videos that I pull up on particularly bad days to make me think of something else. Kind of like Peter Pan and the Happy Spot when I need to relearn how to fly. Most will associate my happy spot with Amp’d Mobile Busted.

The happy spot sent by Erin is number one on today’s top ten list:

1. Beyonce vs. He-yonce. This is one of the newer sensations. I am utterly in awe of this young man and his dancing talents. He has to rave. There is no doubt in my mind. When I posted this as my status on Facebook, my good friend Mark Payne sent me another clip of Gwen Verdon doing quite the similar dance in the 1960’s. After a quick YouTube search I found a split screen of the two videos – the mash up. Makes me question the talent of Beyonce (or her choreographer). Other great additions for this video include: Big Single Ladies and another Young Man version. If you do nothing else from this list, do a vid search for Gwen Verdon as she was amazing. You can find some great clips of her and Chita Rivera (amazing woman who I met at the close of her show The Dancer’s Life…sigh…one could only WISH to be in their 70’s and STILL dancing circles around the new Broadway talent). Ok, just one more addition…. the Walk It Out Parody using Gwen Verdon. Ok, ok, I quit on this one. Ok, I lied… Baby Beyonce. Sorry – too many Beyonce references.

2. The little girl who when asked what she would do if she saw a monster answered she would Kick Its Ask. I wonder how she will feel in say 20 years when she is included as an internet icon from this era?

3. Goth Breakdancers. Early 2007 I dated a former Broadway dancer who loved nothing more than to sit and drink tequila and watch dance vids. We came across this one and I was totally enthralled by it. There is one scene where a dancer does a crabb-like walk on his hands. Creeps me. Ok, I am a geek, I love the breakdance vids…. Scott Wills is nothing short of amazing. Baby Break Dance is OMG cute. Then there is the White Kid who blew everyone’s mind. Go look up BBOY on YouTube. There are hundreds to see….. However, do not try at home, it could prove dangerous.

3. Evolution of Dance. I have a Crush t-shirt just like his. Jud Laipply is a motivational speaker and comedian. I bet he never realized that a video of him would be such a sensation. But then again, I bet that the Trombone Guy on Steve Harvey never realized he would be one either…. The thing about Trombone Guy that tickles me the most is the reaction of Steve Harvey to his dance and how at the end of the show when there was supposed to be a handshake, Harvey gave him a big hug.

4. Charlie the Unicorn. Shun the nonbelievers….shhhhuuuunnnnn. Ok, it is so aggravating but I love it anyway. Watch it to the end. The end is the best. There is also the Unicorn Planet. Heeeyyy. Who would have thought that an eight year old gay boy named Shannon could have come up with such a great planet….

5. Oh My God, Shoes. Like Kelly’s mom, I too love Tom Skerritt. I did not, however, expect con-dams.

6. Urban Ninja. The guy is lucky he did not get the ever-loving shit beat out of him, jumping out on people like that. Other great ninja vids: Ask a Ninja, another Urban Ninja, Ninja Training Camp

7. Mini Michael. I have met him before. He is an underground dancer in the MTA system of NYC’s transit community. He is AMAZING to watch.

8. My Hands Are Bananas. Beware of the Milky Pirate…. I learned to count to ten in German because of this video. The kids that are always at my house played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I understand how the Panamanians felt about Guns and Roses after it was over. lol

9. Evil Eye. The great thing about this video, my friend Melissa has an adorable little girl named Bella who also does the evil eye. Speaking of kids doing funny things, there is the Charlie Bit My Finger clip. There is the baby powder fart video. I could go on and on. There is a kid who wants his change. That one is loaded with foul language so when you search it, beware.

10. In the Jungle. Hippo and Dog is a French cartoon. I wish I understood more French because I find myself watching the clips wondering WTF they are saying. To mention Hippo and Dog, I would be doing an injustice to not mention Crazy Frog or Hamster Dance.

…and one for good measure… Numa Numa. It is a love song actually, look up the translated lyrics, quite interesting. Also, one last one… Randy Pausch. Do yourself a favor, pull it up on YouTube, press pause and allow it all to load, it is over an hour. It is his last lecture as he passed away from cancer. It is nothing short of inspiring.

We all do it, we all click those links in the emails, we love the YouTube. Weezer drew a lot of them together in their video for Pork and Beans. They are a fun way to waste time and to tie up the server of our employer.



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