If I was going somewhere, I was running!

So I dropped my registration form and $20 check in the mail for the Grist Mill Grinder.  It is a half marathon trail run set for April.  I hope to also be registering for a traditional half marathon in Cincinnati set for May (The Flying Pig).  I have two runs in and some light workouts.  Tonight I will be working on the blueprint for my goals and grocery shopping (on the outside parameters of the store so as to not get the processed foods that tempt me daily).  My main hurdle now is my extreme lack of motivation.  I ignore the alarm clock, only to wake up in time to realize I don’t have time to run or workout.  Then I am left to a post-office hours-workout and because the sun decides to set at 1630, my run options are limited.  For the time being, I will submit to running at the track with weekend runs on the rails-to-trails in front of my house.  I wish that trail was lit so I could run at night.  It is actually quite great.  AND there is that pesky issue of bears.  Yep.  Live in the wilderness, deal with the wilderness.  I will be investing in a headlamp this week (suggestions are appreciated).  I will try the rails-to-trails as an evening run once I have the headlamp and then decide from there if safety is an issue.

Depending on how I fare from the races, how my knees hold up and whether I can find two partners to do it with me – I really would love to make Cpt Thurmond’s Challenge part of my running schedule.  It is on my list of things to do and would be an amazing accomplishment.  Not sure yet.  But maybe.

I love all forms of advice, feedback and support (both in the field and written).  I am thinking about picking up CrossFit as my non-running training.  My friend Erin has been a wealth of knowledge so far and I am hoping I don’t bug the piss out of her in the months to come.  And, if you are wanting to get out there and do this too, and you are close enough to me to train with fair regularity – let me know.


  1. I will be happy to just finish the trail race (hopefully not on a med cart – ha). I am going on Saturday to walk-jog the route so I can get an idea of wtf I am in for. Thanks for the catch idea, I will definitely do that. The only bad thing about CrossFit in Beckley is the drive. There is one in Oak Hill (about three miles from me and directly across from the track where I run). I am going to ask them if I can “sample” before I decide to purchase. They also have an $18 special on gym membership. Our home gym is now clean and accessible. So, that will help with days I cannot make it to an actual gym.

  2. There is a crossfit in Beckley. They offer a free trial class – go check it out. I can’t believe you are going to run a 1/2 marathon trail run before you run a road race. Crazy lady – but good for you! Definitely make sure that you do more trail training than track training. You need to build the strength in your ankles and stuff on the uneven terrain. Get Manda to play catch with you – while you stand on one foot. 🙂

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