That is me.  Freshman year school photos.  If I was guessing I would think early in the school year.  So the 1982 side of the 1982-83 school year. Fresh out of Catholic School.  And, although I left the uniform behind, I see a white rounded collar that my Ma undoubtedly felt I needed to have on under the sweater (complete with gold stitching that sparkled).  I still had my braces and my (as close as I could get it) Farrah Fawcett hair flip.  I was high on life.  I was living the best version of myself.

Well, that was until May Day, 1983.  I remember it well.  Ma forced me to allow one of my aunts to home perm my hair for the bazillionth (and, for the record, last) time.  I DESPISED the home perm.  I did not NEED the home perm.  Ma did not want to have to look after my hair when I was growing up and with a home perm, well – a pick was all I needed.

How bad could it be, you ask?  First, glance up at that sweet, wonderful, full of hope girl.


Then there is this poor girl.  Who did not want to be in any May Day festivities.  I did not wear dresses (nor do I now).  My toes are hanging over the ends of the shoes.  Why?  Because I never wore dresses so I never needed dress shoes.  Ma thought it would be silly to buy new ones for two hours of wear (in retro, I agree).  I can see my slip.  What the hell is the yellow scarf?  Wait, wasn’t there a dance that went along with these festivities???  I am as skinny as a rail and to top it off (quite literally) is a lopsided perm.  There are few things I regret in life, those home perms are at least three of the only five regrets I have. And I have gloves.  I bet they smelled like old lady cedar chest… Sigh.

I want to chuckle a little.  With the decorations in the back, it looks as if I might be attending a Pride Parade.

I brought out the yearbook from that year and looked up the pictures because I thought I remembered a dance that required the yellow scarf (and there was one):

BUT – just to make a point, the photo below was taken in the days leading up to the event and I stand by my word, few regrets, home perms were three of them!

Look at that sweet kid, she didn’t even see it coming:

Also for the record, I TRIED to not be that skinny.  There was a boy I had a crush on who told me if I gained 10 pounds he would go out with me.  I ate so much I made myself sick.  Side note: I graduated high school, came home from college and ran into him.  He asked me out and I said sure.  WORST date I ever went on in my life.  I made myself sick for that… #Perspective.

May Day Court, 1983, Oak Hill High School

Happy May Day Y’All!

I visited with my second cousin, Nancy, this past weekend. We had a wonderful time discussing our ancestors, family stories and my trying my best to tell our people’s story. It was genuinely nice to reconnect with her.  At one point she mentioned remembering my great grandfather and, at first, I thought she meant the Taraczkozy side. She said, no Pauline’s father.

Albert (Elbert) Herron (1880-1965) was my the father of my Mawmaw (Pauline Herron Taraczkozy).  Nancy said he was a diligent worker.  She could remember seeing him walk to and from work every day, he never missed a day’s work. She also mentioned that he had an extreme curvature of his back to the point of seeming almost hunchbacked.

I have thought an awful lot about that for the past two days.  He walked to and from work, every day with extreme scoliosis (I am guessing that was what his medical issue might be).  He worked underground in the mines for, I am sure, very long hours.  He did this to make a life for Mawmaw and her siblings.

I am also sad on another level about this story.  I am sad that I have very few stories from the Herron side of my family.  Pawpaw was the center of my world, my hero.  I always wanted to hear the Taraczkozy stories.  I never asked for the Herron ones.  I feel as if I have sold myself short by not “getting to know” that part of my family better.

I am hoping to maybe connect with family from that side of the family and to see if they have stories which they could share.

It dawned on me that I have online access to newspaper archives, just MAYBE they would have the papers with the scores for these games….I was RIGHT!  Beckley Post Herald dated 31 Aug 1974, sports page:

Collins Nips Man, 3-0

Pirates win over Hawks

AND Wildcats tame Bulldogs

Here is the program for the Collins Red Devils vs Man High School Football Game of 30 Aug 1974.

I hope you enjoy.

My Thoughts While Watching:

Wow.  No, really, WOW.  HOLY SHIT THAT IS AMAZING.  Wait, what?  Wow.

Of course I would not give spoilers.  But, I wanted to post to commemorate the moment like I normally post after watching a movie and later on I will write a proper blog (after I see it a couple more times).

A couple of things about the theater: AMAZING new seats since the last time we were here. AND they allow you to pick your seat when you buy your ticket.  It took all the angst off of standing in line and wondering if you are going to get shitty seats because there are twelve people ahead of you.

There was a gentleman who sat next to me who brought two little girls (let’s say maybe 8-ish).  He wanted to have adult conversations about the movie so he would add a comment to our conversation ever so often.  Some were unexpected, some were comical and then there was:

As the previews stop and the lights die down, the audience gives a slight cheer. Then, suddenly the reel stops and the screen goes blank. Audible gasp/groan from the crowd. I, being the smartass I am, say: “How many people can you piss off all at once.”  The man next to me says, “How many times can I fart.”

Um. No.

Amanda was on the other side of me cracking up.

Some Interviews and Extra Video:

I am only posting that one, when I update this (after an adequate amount of time for everyone to see the movie), I will include other video that I have loved that may “offer too much”.

IMDB Synopsis: The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.




Additional Movie Info:

Who are the critics that have created an 84%??  I will update this as well and also look up the process they use to determine the score.  I question this rating, I mean…seriously.  It received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 84% Fresh.  It received a Rotten Tomato audience rating of 93% liking it.  Average Rating: 4.6/5 with a number of User Ratings: 29,743.

Movie Reviews:

Specs:  Release date: 27 April 2018 (USA) / Runtime: 149 minutes / Budget: $???M

IMDB TriviaI will post all of the Trivia in the next blog as it can be spoilery.

1974-75 School Year – Basketball Program

Collins High School Red Devils vs Richwood Lumberjacks

I do wish I could find a website that has the basketball scores throughout the years.  If anyone ever comes across something of that nature, please let me know.  Thanks!

I hope you enjoy!

I really love the various covers from the earlier years.  In later years they have the same cover for every game.  I also have found that with the football programs, some schools may have used the same printer because there is crossover cover art.

I love the old ad for Hecks.  Sometimes I forget that store was even there!

Inside of this programs was two inserts, one front and back page and one front only page.  One notes the opposing team while two are words of encouragement (and love notes to and from) from the students.

1973-74 Basketball Season Collins Red Devils vs Montgomery Greyhounds

It was confirmed that the last program was 1973-74 and part of this season by the away team insert (attached below).  This program noted the same players.  All of the program pages, with the exception of the cover, are identical to the previous program.

In addition to the program, there are three inserts that include: away team roster, upcoming events and a student page with various signatures.

As with the last post, I am searching for three answers:

  • Why was the mascot for Oak Hill WV teams a Red Devil?
  • Why are the freshmen teams called Imps?
  • Is there a website where I can find the historical scores from the 1970s forward?

Any and all feedback welcomed and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy!


Collins High School Red Devils Basketball Program (Unknown Date, 1970s?)

I have no idea the date on this one.  I am hoping someone can identify that for me.  Also, does anyone have the history on how they came to be called the Red Devils and the Freshman the Imps?  I would love to know that as well.

I hope you enjoy!  Thanks for any feedback.

Varsity Players per the picture on the back cover: Zach Woodson, Mark Markivich, Greg Wriston, John Obugene, Randy Boyd, Frank Mauritz, David Jasper, Allen Peters, John Morgan, Carl Morgan, Marvin Hinton, Randy Rosiek, John Harris, Richard Begley.

Coaches were: James Lilly and Tom Mason

Principal: Wayne A Wriston

Vice Principal: Gerald Stover

The oldest of the high school football programs I have found so far is the one below. There are several years that I have organized into stacks.  I am trying to figure out the best way to scan/share them.

I hope you enjoy!

I am posting the advertising as well.  It is interesting to see familiar names and old businesses that might not be around any longer.

2 Oct 1971 7:30 PM – Collins Red Devils vs Fayetteville High School No. 2883


I thought I had seen Daddy’s yearbook in a storage tub and it took a bit of searching but I located it.  Side note –  I saved tubs and tubs of paperwork, Air Force manuals, bills of sale for his old business, sports programs, tickets, random pictures, greeting cards and anything that was generally left behind. It was like I could not let a single thing go for fear I was letting Daddy go along with it.  The result: several tubs of stuff for which I have no idea what I tossed into them (some without actual use but are attributed to my emotional clinginess when it comes to my Parents).  In addition, when Ma passed away, I had a number of storage tubs and a cedar chest full of things.  And, although she passed eight years ago, I am only know sorting through it all.

Dad had an amazing amount of pride for the school he attended, the sports he played and the friends he loved.  A great number of those friends were within reach the vast majority of his life.  Kingston High School, at one point, would have (I believe) an (bi)annual get together like a reunion (all classes, not a specific one alone).  For a number of years it was held over the course of a weekend at the site of the old high school.  A picnic was held at the school, a dinner at a local place and then some drinking that ended up on occasion at the Owl’s Club (is that place still there even?). The spouses of these folks became an extension of the Kingston High family.  The get togethers were fun, loud and raucous.  They would start telling tales on each other.  The laughter was amazing.  Those…those are some of my fondest memories of my parents together, interacting with good friends.

The 1960 Senior Class of Kingston High School, Kingston, WV:

They do not have pictures of sports other than basketball, so my hopes of finding a baseball picture were dashed.  But, he played basketball as well (of course he did…).  And tucked in the pages of the basketball section was his certificate for earning a letter in sports.  I believe these two yearbook pages can be seen at the voting location in Mossy (the old hotel I think that was/is owned by the Gray family?).

And, as I leaned back in my office chair, reading the names that I have heard so many stories about, this slipped out:

I miss my Daddy.  So very, very much.

If you have your Parents still, do me a favor and give them a call right now, no matter what you are doing.  Tell them you love them.  If they are close enough, give them a squeeze.  But, most importantly, ask them to tell you their stories, write those stories down and, if at all possible, record their voices and their faces as they tell those tales.  Pictures are two dimensional, I miss my Parents’ voices more than anything else.