Genealogy: A few Seletyn finds.

Today I was kicking around the newspaper subscription and pulled up Seletyn, I sorted oldest first and read once again of G E Seletyn winning a Bell Scholarship in Leeds England in 1873.  One of these days I plan on finding additional information about GE.  Especially on how a Seletyn ended up in jolly old England.

There were two clippings for Joseph (not our line) Seletyn in Detroit Michigan.  One was a wedding announcement in 1896 and then in 1906 there was a legal issue:

But the one I am always fascinated with is the mention in 1917 of Russian armies close to the town of Seletyn.  It was an Associated Press clip, picked up by dozens of newspapers around the country.  Daddy would have loved that one.  His surname seen around the world!  Here is the article and below it the transcription.  I hope you enjoy.

29 July 1917
On the French Front There Is Also An Absence of Infantry Activity Aside From .the Raiding Excursions.
Whatever military developments may be impending on the Belgian front, the great artillery battle there has not yet resulted in infantry movements of importance. Today the British official statement is colorless, contrasting strongly with the recent German official reports of unprecedented gunfire in this area.
Color is lent to the assumption that operations on a notable scale in prospect here, however, bv the British official accounts from London, of intensive aerial work in progress, in which photograph observations on a large scale have been carried out. The destruction of aircraft was heavy yesterday on both sides. 30 German machines being downed and 13 British machines being reported missing.
The French front likewise is devoid of infantry activity aside from raiding excursions.
The theory that the Germans have been engaged in effort to mask fronts in sufficient numbers to meet the British rain of fire on the Belgian front, seems to be borne out by today’s Berlin statement. The British have been influenced by the effectiveness of the German fire to the extent that there was a let up yesterday in the intensity of their bombardment, it is declared.
Th; story from the Russian front continues to be one of retrogression on the part of the Russian, armies. The Austro-German advance has reached the Bukowina boundary toward the southern end of field of operations and is marching through the Suchawa valley toward Seletyn

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