Daddy was a one-in-a-million kind of man. I don’t say that because I am biased (which I am). It’s the truth. He didn’t hoard his love. I watched a sea of people flow through his wake and I was approached time and again by people who told me about how my Dad made them a better person, how he made sure they stayed on the straight and narrow, how they appreciated what he did for them. If he saw a kid who needed love he made []

Bubby Goes To College

You know, there are a number of proud moments that I have had in my life.  One that will rank high on the list for all time is my son’s graduation from Concord University.  My heart swells with pride over his accomplishment.  He will walk across the graduation stage the morning of May 12th.  He is now starting to apply for teaching positions in local schools. Alexander Zachary Seletyn came into this world on a snowy January day in 1988.  Until then, I []