Personal History: Genealogy Road Trip

The past week has included a genealogical plethora of goodness!

On Tuesday, March 19th, we had our meeting of the KYOWVA Historical Society in Huntington, WV.  We were asked to bring in an item for “show and tell”.  My items were my Ma’s Bible with the pull out family tree (completed and then marked through when she remarried), a piece of mining script I found inside the Bible and the recently received Naturalization Papers for my 3rd Great Grandfather, Robert Jacob McCombie.  Everyone brought items which ranged from their first research binder to handmade quilts to crystal plates.  It was probably one of my top three favorite meetings thus far.

From Friday to Sunday, I was in Cambria County Pennsylvania researching the paternal branch of my family tree.  I started at the Cambria County Library for the first day and a half and then traveled to two cemeteries (Sacred Heart and St Benedict’s).  I ran out of daylight or I would have tried to find St. Patrick’s.  On Sunday we visited three of the local National Parks before heading home.  Over those days I was able to secure some amazing information and potentially new lines of investigation.  I will be putting together blogs as I piece together the HUNDREDS of photos and pages I accumulated on the trip.

This weekend was the first of several genealogy research trips I plan to make over the next year or two.

Have you made a breakthrough recently on your genealogy research?  I would love to hear about it!!  Let me know in the comments below.

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