Military: Lockbourne Air Force Base 1960-61 Guide Book

Service Saturday (a day late due to Mother’s Day festivities yesterday) is my Dad’s welcome guide he received when originally stationed at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus Ohio.  Daddy was a mechanic on the Voodoo F101B planes. It is mentioned in the selection of pages I scanned from the manual.  Also included are various hobby meetings, family life matters and the legend/lore of the AFB.  I also included the advertisement for construction of a house.  It is interesting to see how they acclimated the airmen to the base-life and military career.

Did you serve at this location during the 1960-61 years?  If so, I would love to hear your stories about life on the base at that time.  Who knows, you might have passed my Dad on the sidewalk without even realizing it.

I hope you enjoy.



  1. My Dad was serving in the AF then. Took me to the “mole hole” as a kid. Still remember the pilots standing around in full flight suits. This was probably in about 1968-1969.I was 7 or 8 then. He was a radio operator. Not sure what he was flying in at the time. I know he wasn’t stationed there, but he went there frequently for whatever reason.
    Question: Did Lockbourne actually have nuclear weapons on-base at any time? And if so, was Lockbourne targeted by the Soviets at any time?

  2. My uncle was assigned there and was killed in a civilian plane crash in 1962. Clarence “Bud” Burleson.

  3. A1C Don Carlson. I served in Machine records from 59-63 and reported all personnel changes and TDY to SAC HQ each day. I also ran the Swimming pool for 4 years

    1. Thank you for your service Don! No such random luck you might remember James Paul Seletyn? I know it was a big base – but worth the asking.

      1. Grew up 15 miles south of the south gate in circleville. Loved watching all the different aircraft fly over. My dad worked for the contractor that built the second runway.

    2. If you ran the NCO pool then you saw me every day of the summer during the first two of those years. I lived at the pool. We would ride our bikes there, then later ride to the Officers Pool to buy snacks (taffy) then back to ‘my’ pool. My dad was CMSgt James Reece, and I have some fabulous memories of Lockbourne.

  4. We moved to Groveport OH (i.e. Lockbourne AFB) in 1957 from Barksdale AFB. Dad was a navigator, Major Richard H. Parker on the B-47. I vaguely remember those days because I was 4-5 years old

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