Genealogy: Short Story on Albert Herron

I visited with my second cousin, Nancy, this past weekend. We had a wonderful time discussing our ancestors, family stories and my trying my best to tell our people’s story. It was genuinely nice to reconnect with her.  At one point she mentioned remembering my great grandfather and, at first, I thought she meant the Taraczkozy side. She said, no Pauline’s father.

Albert (Elbert) Herron (1880-1965) was my the father of my Mawmaw (Pauline Herron Taraczkozy).  Nancy said he was a diligent worker.  She could remember seeing him walk to and from work every day, he never missed a day’s work. She also mentioned that he had an extreme curvature of his back to the point of seeming almost hunchbacked.

I have thought an awful lot about that for the past two days.  He walked to and from work, every day with extreme scoliosis (I am guessing that was what his medical issue might be).  He worked underground in the mines for, I am sure, very long hours.  He did this to make a life for Mawmaw and her siblings.

I am also sad on another level about this story.  I am sad that I have very few stories from the Herron side of my family.  Pawpaw was the center of my world, my hero.  I always wanted to hear the Taraczkozy stories.  I never asked for the Herron ones.  I feel as if I have sold myself short by not “getting to know” that part of my family better.

I am hoping to maybe connect with family from that side of the family and to see if they have stories which they could share.

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