Personal History: May Day 1983, Freshman Year

That is me.  Freshman year school photos.  If I was guessing I would think early in the school year.  So the 1982 side of the 1982-83 school year. Fresh out of Catholic School.  And, although I left the uniform behind, I see a white rounded collar that my Ma undoubtedly felt I needed to have on under the sweater (complete with gold stitching that sparkled).  I still had my braces and my (as close as I could get it) Farrah Fawcett hair flip.  I was high on life.  I was living the best version of myself.

Well, that was until May Day, 1983.  I remember it well.  Ma forced me to allow one of my aunts to home perm my hair for the bazillionth (and, for the record, last) time.  I DESPISED the home perm.  I did not NEED the home perm.  Ma did not want to have to look after my hair when I was growing up and with a home perm, well – a pick was all I needed.

How bad could it be, you ask?  First, glance up at that sweet, wonderful, full of hope girl.


Then there is this poor girl.  Who did not want to be in any May Day festivities.  I did not wear dresses (nor do I now).  My toes are hanging over the ends of the shoes.  Why?  Because I never wore dresses so I never needed dress shoes.  Ma thought it would be silly to buy new ones for two hours of wear (in retro, I agree).  I can see my slip.  What the hell is the yellow scarf?  Wait, wasn’t there a dance that went along with these festivities???  I am as skinny as a rail and to top it off (quite literally) is a lopsided perm.  There are few things I regret in life, those home perms are at least three of the only five regrets I have. And I have gloves.  I bet they smelled like old lady cedar chest… Sigh.

I want to chuckle a little.  With the decorations in the back, it looks as if I might be attending a Pride Parade.

I brought out the yearbook from that year and looked up the pictures because I thought I remembered a dance that required the yellow scarf (and there was one):

BUT – just to make a point, the photo below was taken in the days leading up to the event and I stand by my word, few regrets, home perms were three of them!

Look at that sweet kid, she didn’t even see it coming:

Also for the record, I TRIED to not be that skinny.  There was a boy I had a crush on who told me if I gained 10 pounds he would go out with me.  I ate so much I made myself sick.  Side note: I graduated high school, came home from college and ran into him.  He asked me out and I said sure.  WORST date I ever went on in my life.  I made myself sick for that… #Perspective.

May Day Court, 1983, Oak Hill High School

Happy May Day Y’All!

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