Genealogy: Data In Baby Books

I have found three baby books in which Ma was compiling growth data on me.  One she dabbled in but must have not liked the formatting, as she quit putting information in around month three.  A second had a list of “first visitors” and such that I found interesting (although I have no idea if I even know some of the people listed).  The third was more fruitful as it had info up to seventeen months. The gem in that book: my first ever family tree.  HAPPY SPOT!  Below are some of the pages from that one. I was born a normal female, there is even a box checked as evidence.

So, to tie into my timeline: I was a healthy kid, with regular growth and all my teeth coming in.  I was loved, which is apparent through a Ma who cared enough to (somewhat) chronicle my progress.

I found my old shot records, one noting that I had Chicken Pox in February 1975.  I remember that quite well. Ma put socks on my hands to keep me from itching my face. I remember being totally grossed out that socks were on my hands (they weren’t dirty socks, mind you, just the thought of toe jam on my fingers was gross).  I remember we were in the old yellow mobile home, the one with the high front porch. I can remember sitting in the rocking chair in the living room and watching cartoons with those stupid socks on my hands. I was seven for Pete’s sake and indignant. (ha)

My next genealogy blog will be my timeline (as I know it) from birth to four. I have a couple of gaps that need filled in.  I will write about the things I need further research on (court documents, divorce records, marriage licenses, etc).  I have used appointment books, postmarked envelopes, dated letters, baptism records: all in an attempt to figure out the specifics on the first year of my life. It has been both joyful and heartbreaking in discoveries.

As a side note: Yes, I know that I am revealing a ton of personal information. If you know me, you will realize that in some aspects, I am undaunted by fear of people knowing too much about me. The vast majority of what I will be sharing on this journey will be lifted from public records or information available on various genealogy websites and in actual libraries.  With my primary family names being so unique, anyone can easily research me and my family and find troves of data that is easy to identify as specific to me.  I hope to help people who are also trying to discover more about their family trees (and, in turn, themselves) and in the process maybe find people who can help me with my more difficult research items. 

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