Throwback Blog: 2005 Ponderances

I may have covered some of these blogs on this page, I am not sure.  My brain feels as if it is full of tiny beebees that have just enough room to roll around and make an agitating sound. While I am working to sort that out I thought I would do a throwback blog of original Ponderances from 2005.  I found an old set of journals where I wrote out the emails into a book to be kept for posterity.

I once worked for a title agency in Long Island.  I worked there for around three years, built a Human Resources Department for them from scratch (best as I could and with little knowledge).  During the later part of my stay there, they brought in someone more knowledgeable to run the department, as they wanted to grow (and control). In retrospect, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because Brigid was introduced to my life and for that, I am eternally grateful to that company.  But then, I felt betrayed.

While there I learned how to navigate the waters between a religion I did not fully understand (not my own) and what was allowable via current labor laws. There were a lot of fun times though, mostly with Brigid.  I will write about those when my brain has the capacity to pull them out around the now distracting beebees.  The thing I want to concentrate on here are the four emails I found from December 2005.  That November I had quit my boyfriend and quit my job. I secured a job in the city (working for the man every night and day…sorry….). But I never forgot my less fortunate colleagues  who were still trapped “back there”.  I started writing them emails from my new office to let them be a part of my new adventure.


I love the “clomp clomp clomp” sound that is made when a thousand commuters walk in unison out of Penn Station and down 34th Street.

HOWEVER, I think that Mr. Bloomberg would do the whole city a justice if he added conveyor belts on every sidewalk. So we could glide to work (like at the airport).

I believe this singular act could catapult him past Giuliani in likeability.


As I walk, I love to look at the architecture.  NYC is a fascinating city with its little nooks and crannies. From outside my bosses’ office window, there is a building (mind you we are on the 14th floor) and on top of that building there are about a dozen marble heads. Not entire statues, just the heads. They all appear to look at my boss Jeff’s desk.  I asked him if he ever feels like he is being watched.  He, like myself, is kind of creeped out by those particular figures.

On the walk here this morning, I noticed over the 34th St entrance into Macy’s, there are four statues of women holding up pillars. They are nearly a full story tall.  They are quite amazing to look at.  I am sure that NYC commuters and nations of passersby do not even notice them because they are so busy looking at the sidewalks and staring at their toes as they plod ahead. They never actually look above the level they are walking upon.

It was while I was looking at these fine women in their eternal poses that a man stepped on my toe.  Which gives me one reason to dislike “those people”.  For, it is “his people” who have forced the rest of NYC to stare at their toes, and to keep them safe.

And, before you ask, he was too quick of a walker for me to shove him off of the curb.


Ok, today is my first day working in the city during a whalloping snow.  This is the greatest thing in forever with the big “I love being a kid” snowflakes falling all around.

Four lessons learned today:

  • Know in your heart that when you step off that curb the slush WILL be deeper than you think.
  • The waterproof spray on your boots  does not prevent water from coming up and over the top of your boot and into your socks.
  • Squishy socks suck.
  • Certain people in NYC are like Americans driving in England, they end up on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

Here’s sending out karma in hopes that you find your way out of that entrapment otherwise known as Sutton.

Damn me feet are cold!


mood: energetic


Brigid is right. Spellcheck does not like the word “Ponderances”. I have added the word and therefore eliminated the red squigglies (yet another word not allowed, but it asked to replace with squggliest).

Ponderance: Why do pigeons not freeze?  They are small and it is below freezing out there.  They are pretty much hovering in the awnings, completely in the elements. It would seem that they would freeze solid and fall from the perch.  Of course, if that were the case, one would freeze and fall from its perch and hit me on the head.

This bothers me…

Also, I would like to publicly apologize to Lori for not asking her to attend my Christmas party.  It was a gross assumption on my part to think that she would say no.  Therefore, at the top of my lungs I diktat that I would like to invite Lori to my party. You know, she must feel special for me to use a word like diktat – it sounds like an urban phrase meaning what one would do to their date on a Friday night.

Much love and even more Christmas karma that you escape from the Alcatraz hell for which you are employed.~m

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