Journal: Morning March 5, 2018

I may have a movie hangover.  I watched SO many movies. Some were amazing but a lot left me wondering who has access to nominating for this event.  I have decided to retool my movie blog format, maybe add a scale for categories at the end: 1-5 for sound, directing, costume, and all of the other various smaller awards. It would be helpful if these Hollywood fools would do a better job on release dates and maybe spatter the nom-worthies throughout the year and not all at the end.

I am sure there are a number of people on my Facebook feed that were overwhelmed by my voracious blogging over the past week.  To them I say: just drop me on there, hide me from your feed or snooze me.  If I get one “wow, you blogged a lot” with the judgmental tone – I will do it if you don’t. Because, be for real Sally, your constant inspirational quoting and Pintrest reposting is not Pulitzer material either.  Plus your pets are ugly. ha (I kid, I don’t even know a Sally.)

My Ma loved movies and shows.  She passed that on to me.  I passed it on to mine.  It is in my blood.  I don’t ask to be understood.

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