Recipe: Pot-asta with Balls and Sauce (yeah, I made that up) #48in48

Ok, so I started with this recipe: here. And, let’s just say I used it for inspiration.

I like meat with my pasta.  Especially some pasta made with potatoes that I have never had before.  I call it my fall back, you know, just in case the pot-asta is not that great, at least we have meatballs and garlic bread. HA

Going with the “four ingredient quick make theme”, I used these items:

1 jar of your fave ‘sgetti sauce

2 bags of that “cheap but better than the others” mozzarella cheese from Velveeta

2 boxes of random gnocchi (you KNOW I do not know what I am making here, right? pick your own)

1 flat of pre-made Walmart meatballs (go ahead, I see you with your judgy glasses over there – they are actually tasty)

(Just like the directions on the side of the box say:) Bring 5Qt (for me, half a cooking pot) of water to a boil with 3 tablespoons of salt (Hym pink).  While you are waiting for the water to boil, put those meatballs in the pan and sear them really well.  Shake on some oregano and garlic salt and whatever Italian seasonings you enjoy, as heavily as you enjoy them.  Before those meatballs are cooked thoroughly I am sure the water will boil.  Just toss the gnocchi in the pot.  Finish up the meatballs and set them on a plate and pat the grease off with a paper towel.  By now the gnocchi will be floating (takes less than 3 minutes for the majority of them to float).

The original recipe called for little baby individual fajita skillets.  I had serving size oven-proof dishes I used (always wanted to bake in them).  And placed two meatballs in the bottom, scooped gnocchi out of the pot (letting water drain off) and placed them over the meatballs.  Poured on some of the sauce until it covered both meat and pot-asta.  Then added another layer until the dish was full.

And you KNOW I love some cheese on my pasta.  So, I covered all three with generous helpings of mozzarella cheese.

And then I baked the dishes in the oven on 425 for 10 minutes.  I also picked up a bag of garlic bread sticks and put them in the same oven for four minutes.  The end product, not too shabby:

Took right at 30 minutes from tearing the cellophane off to table.  I enjoyed it. There are some things I would change to make it a more valid recipe and to add some flavor to it (crushed garlic, for one).  I like it enough to take it to lunch with me tomorrow.

Is it healthy?  compared to?

Does it have calories? only the good ones.

Is there a quick dish that you like to make?  Please let me know in the comments below.  I would love to have some new things to try!




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