Journal: Morning 13 Apr 2017

Today marks the anniversary of my hysterectomy.  I guess it is fitting that during the week of this anniversary I am finding out that the one remaining ovary has a large tumor.

Last week I found myself laying of the floor of the hall bathroom, terrified and feeling as if I was going to die.  I was taken to the hospital via squad where they initially diagnosed me with norovirus (What?  I haven’t been on a cruise lately!)  This week when I had the follow-up with my general physician, I was informed of the tumor and a reversal of the original diagnosis.  Yesterday I had (yet) another pelvic ultrasound (blog about the first one can be found: here) and will meet with my gyno doc (the amazing Fri Mofor-Eta) on the 26th to put together a game plan.  I meet with a Dr Faber, a gastroenterologist, to discuss a colonoscopy (to rule out any issues with my gastro, just in case).  So, it looks like surgery is in my future (yet again) to remove the remaining ovary.  As that is not as extensive as the procedure last year, I am hoping the recovery time will be minimal.  Not sure how this will affect my running a half marathon in September, as I had hoped.  I am determined to reach that goal to honor Daddy though.

Because of utilizing my full sick day allotment within the past year, I was knocked for a couple hundred dollars in my pay (didn’t realize that would happen – ouch) last week as I was off sick the whole week.  Working with my payroll person on site, it seems that I would need to schedule my surgery for mid to late June to be able to receive 100% pay for sick time taken (versus 60%).  I would like to think that having two months would allow me to all in with working out and get myself into a decent shape prior to the surgery to make the recovery somewhat easier.  But right now I am in a horrible funk of a mood and I am not sure I will rise above it.

So my positive thoughts at this time:

  • Bought a vintage camper that needs no reno and is camping-ready.  The weekend of the 21st, Sketchy Circus will be on Grayson Lake enjoying our first camp of the season.
  • Husband is entertaining the idea of going to Carolinafest and camping in above mentioned camper.
  • Ma Dolin is helping (and by helping I mean she is doing all the work) with brightly colored curtains for above mentioned camper.
  • I will be with my closest girlfriends the last weekend in May for a lot of Outlander fun and hanging out.
  • I am going to an NPR concert on Friday at Stuart’s Opera House.

See, I have a lot of things to take my mind off of the elephant in the room.  And they are things that will keep me motivated and keep me moving.

Have you had a hysterectomy that left the ovaries only to find out later they needed removed as well?  I would love to hear about it.  Please comment so we can discuss.

Positive vibes my friends.  Positive vibes.




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