Journal: 9 Nov 2009 #Throwback Blog In A NY Minute

So, for lunch today I decided to walk the blocks to Borders and pick up the new Charlain Harris novel (I know, I know – guilty pleasure). On my walk back I passed the Murray Hill school where the laughter of children permeated the air and made my heart a little happier. I walked on and as I was crossing the street between 32nd and 3rd I had one of those moments, the ones that make you forget all of the bad NY crap and make you happy that for this one moment in time you are standing at the epicenter of the world. The sun is out, not too warm. Slight breeze blowing. Book in my hand, pause reading as crossing street, turn face to the sun and inhale a long stream of warm air, exhale my worries and concerns. In that one brief moment I am ok with the world and with where I am. In that one brief moment I am at my center and realize that I am in a pretty good place in life. In that one brief moment, life is simple and enjoyable.

It truly is the simple things in life, those brief fleeting moments that we cannot capture in a jar like fireflies. I am thankful for where I am, for what I have and even for my struggles. All of that makes up who I am on this little crazy planet.

I am counting my blessings and, if you are reading this, I am sure you are on my list….


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