Broadway: Guys and Dolls #Throwback Blog

Originally posted 2009-06-06

In New York, a gambler is challenged to take a cold female missionary to Havana, but they fall for each other, and the bet has a hidden motive to finance a crap game.


Ok, that was the movie synopsis, but still the same premise. I have been able the check an item off my “to do” list – to see Oliver Platt perform live.  The stage was grand, the production huge.  I had never seen a musical of this size.

I enjoyed the music but for some reason had trouble understanding some of the dialogue (maybe my partial deafness?).  Not sure, but it took away from my overall view of the show.  I have never had that trouble before.  Although I enjoyed the show and I am not experienced making comments on musicals, I kind of felt that there was no real connections between the characters on stage.  No chemistry.  Maybe it was just me.  Not sure.  Saw this one alone.

However, it was a real treat to see Luck Be A Lady Tonight performed on such a stage.  That was a joy.

NY Times review circa 1950 of the original show – Guys and Dolls.  Neat.

If you have not seen it, take a gander and let me know what you think.


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