Morning Paragraph #48in48 #111

I have had a lot of positive feedback from the #48in48 challenge.  I love posting things that create an educational conversation in the comments below.  Or seeing people have an “OOOHHH” or “aha” moment.  I have had people reach out to me with suggestions or send me articles they felt would fit right in with the challenge. These are the results I had hoped for. Interesting dialogue with other people that does not involve the rabbit hole that politics has created in our social media streams.  It has also allowed me to interject bits and pieces of things I have learned along the way into real life conversations.  I have believed, since I was a young kid, that knowledge is power and that knowledge is the key to unlocking a number of doors in life.  I am very happy I decided on this challenge. It has given me an unexpected drive to “create my own news”.

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