Morning Paragraph

Journal: Morning March 12, 2018 – Fuck Death

Three people passed away this last week that I knew.  Two older, one around my age.  Two poor health, one unexpected.  Death is a bastard, really.  You can think you are prepared for it.  But you never are. One taught me that it is totally ok to be sassy and hang out with young folks doing extreme things when you, yourself, are not of that mind set.  She was amazing and over the top and full of opinions that she didn’t care []

Journal: Morning Feb 17, 2018

Another mass shooting.  Another set of thoughts and prayers.  Another round of arguments for/against. There was this one time when I received a call from the lunch lady at my kids’ school.  She asked if I was Amanda’s Mom.  Yes, yes I am.  I sat there baffled as to why a lunch lady would call, did she forget her money?  She went on to tell me a story about my daughter.  She watched as Amanda stood in line to get her tray []

Journal: Morning Feb 9, 2018

I have recently received messages from multiple people on Ancestry who are related to Ma’s side of the family and who, like me, are trying to trace the lines of our family tree. I like seeing that name pop up in messages; the one with ten letters, only three vowels and two z’s. At the top of my life’s to-do list is to visit the motherland.  To walk in the fields of my ancestors. I have cut myself off from most of []

Journal: Morning 12 Sep 2017

There was a point in my life that I was sporadic and crazy and down for whatever at the spur of a moment.  The above picture is proof of that.  Coney Island, NY.  It was the day they were closing a lot of the area down to allow for another homogenized high rise to go in.  My daughter and I found ourselves there to document the event, to take picture-memories and to have fun.  She egged me to jump crazily from a []

Journal: Morning 14 Jul 2017

I miss the days of childhood when I was oblivious to all the stresses the grownups faced, the arguments, the financial concerns, the health scares.  Back to a day when I was the center of attention oftentimes for my Grandparents.  When they were alive to offer their wisdom and in my eyes were gods on earth.  I miss trips to Florida with Mawmaw and The Old Man.  I miss those carefree days.

Journal: Morning 10 Jul 2017

Hello Blog, my old friend.  It has been a number of weeks since I wrote last.  Surgeries and recovery and selling Dad’s house and all. It has been a little consuming on the mental front.  Today is my first full week back to the grind.  Thought I would start it right and write. I have been working on old photographs and tracking my ancestry.  Seems fitting as I feel a little out of sorts with “who am I?”  Don’t be mistaken, having []