#48in48 Morning Paragraph #75

There are various reasons for my 48in48 self challenge.  One: knowledge is power, it is a sharable power and can be used for good.  Two: I believe people are so overwhelmed with soundbites from their own political/religious affiliation that they do not take the time to educate themselves on the particular item they are soundbiting.  This falls under the “just because Johnny jumps off a bridge does not mean you should too”.  Three: My newsfeed post-election became so horrible with hate and spew (from both sides) that I just could not take it anymore. It was a mental drain. I watched a talk given by Neil deGrasse Tyson which after had a question from a young girl regarding whether he had scientist friends who had dyslexia.  In his wonderful comments to this young girl NdT spoke about how people lay around and watch TV, they do “nothing” when they COULD be learning (I am paraphrasing out the ass here).  But that to waste time on frivolity and being lazy is not the productive thing to do. It struck a chord with me and that spurred on the power of my thinking about this challenge.  Four: I am not allowed to bitch about the current state of my newsfeed while laying around on my couch or obsess-watching the news on related subjects.

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