A Race To Build A Dream On

Everyone has a dream list, right?

Well, as far as races go, this is my dream list of races I would love to compete in during my lifetime:


Lofty Dreams:


    1. We need to make that a goal for 2016! Now that the PF has laid off my foot (knocking on wood) I hope to run more in the 2016 season. I would love to eventually run the Gristmill Grinder (maybe 2017) but I have zero trails and hills in this area to train for it. Every race in FayCo involves a mountain…lol I plan on the Athens OH Half in April to open a full run year. A lot of my plans come down to how I feel this upcoming Monday post-race. I have had subpar training for this. I would love to PR my half stats (only have one to compare to and I am not a fast runner, by ANY measure). If everything goes as planned, I will start a 16 week training program Christmas week to prep for April. I will have a couple easy weeks to recover and then start a 20 week training schedule for my first full marathon (USAF 09/17/16). After that race I hope to decide whether I want to (ever run a full marathon again) run the Marshall Half or Full. I think it would be a nice full circle. Ok – I am rattling…

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