It’s All About The Nap

You know, it’s a lot like having a toddler all over again. Except, he is not a toddler, he’s my Dad. We leave for an appointment and I check my purse for snacks and tissues. I make a mental note to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, last time I forgot and he stayed thirsty the whole time. Zip your coat up and let’s go.

He told me the other day that life is ironic – you come into this world having to wear a diaper and after seven decades on this planet you find yourself right back where you started. I shake my head but know he’s right.

I find myself slipping back into a Mom’s routine. Even down to limiting my alcohol consumption on the weekends because you never know when you will be needed.

The other irony is that his body is doing a decent job of healing even though his mind is not.

And, just like toddlers, we have relearned the value of a nap.


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