Letters To My Children

Advice to my Daughter as Mother’s Day draws near:

Anything you want to be, you can.  You are the engineer of your own life.  I know that sometimes life can be overwhelming, that it can seem as if all things are closing in on you.  Just remember, you are never alone.  Your battles are oftentimes easier to bear if you remember that someone has your back.  As long as I draw breath, I will be that person for you.

It does not matter how much weight you gain or lose in your life.  You are beautiful.  You always have been.  Your smile lights up a room.  Your presence puts others at ease.  You are a warm and compassionate person and people recognize that immediately in you.

I want you to live your life fully.  Right NOW is the time.  Enjoy every moment that you have been given.  If there is something you want to do, find a way to do it.  Never hold back your curiosity.  Never feel that you are unworthy to enjoy life.  Never let other people put obstacles in front of your happiness.  See your way through or around those things and make sure you fulfill your dreams.

Don’t let your heart become callused when others slight you.  It’s their loss.  An open heart finds love more often than one that is closed but an open heart is more often broken.  That is not a bad thing.  Broken hearts come to us in a range of styles: friends, family, loves, employers, etc.  It is ok to have your heart broken.  But it is not ok to allow that broken heart to keep you from future happiness.  Put it in your pocket, learn from it, and keep growing.  But, most importantly, keep moving forward.

Anything you want to be, you can.  You are the engineer of your own life.  And I am your biggest fan.

I love you,




Advice to my Son as Mother’s Day draws near:

How did you become a man overnight?  Was it not just yesterday that you were this bright-eyed toddler that was curious about everything in the world?  Never lose that curiosity, no matter what age you reach.  Although you teach, remember there is still a lot to learn in this life.  When you share your knowledge with these young men and women, make sure you share more than your wisdom – give them a role model, those are sometimes hard to find for young people nowadays.  Your kindness might be the only one they see in a day.  We never really know the struggles others face, even the bad ones.  The “good” you offer might just be the life changing offering a that a kid needs to experience.

I am so excited for you as you enter this next phase of adulthood, marriage.  I know the two of you will be a great fit.  And, although together you will be a formidable team, make sure to keep a bit of your own individuality.  It’s what she fell in love with.  Make sure you tell her that you love her every chance you get.  Others will see it as sappy but moments are fleeting and you never know how many chances you have to express your feelings.

And, when the time comes, I know you will make an amazing father.  You have always been a kid with so much heart, with so much love to share.  The moment when you go from being someone’s son to someone’s father, the transformation will be magnificent.  “Be young” with your children, I was and you guys turned out pretty decent.

I am so proud of you.  You were a kid who was unlike all the others.  I know that you have an amazing future ahead of you, make sure you live in the moment – enjoy every second of it.  If you have an opportunity to do the things you love DO THEM!  Never look back with sorrow on missed opportunities.

I love you,



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