What Five Famous (Dead or Alive) People Would You Invite To Dinner?

So I went on an interview today.  Post-Interview, I feel really good about my presentation and answers.

I worried over what to wear.  I have recently lost about 23 pounds so my “large girl” pants no longer fit and my older “NYC attire” is a hodge podge (some still a little tighter than appropriate for an interview).  I settled on a conservative pinstripe shirt, black slacks and my favorite black bra.  I felt good in the outfit, comfortable.  So, imagine my surprise when I had to go through a “pat down” because the under-wire in my fave bra set the metal detector to beeping!

I am applying for a position with the Dept of Education within the WV Dept of Corrections (Women’s Facility).  And I half expected needing a pat down (as security is essential).  I just giggle as I think about it.  If I am lucky enough to secure the position, the detector will be set to a less sensitive setting.  I know a few of the current employees at the prison so, although nervous, I was not on full-throttle nervous.  After almost two decades in some form of HR position, I was familiar with the questions they asked and knew the answers they would like to receive.  At the end of the interview they handed me two sheets of papers for a written portion of the interview.

Q:  What three adjectives best describe you?

A:  Energetic, Versatile, Humorous  (I feel that is pretty accurate and not “too standard”)

Q:  If you were able to invite any five famous people (living or deceased) to dinner, who would it be and why?

A:  1. Einstein (his combination of wit and intelligence would allow for great dinner conversation); 2. Elvis (but I would expect him to sing for his supper); 3. Martha Stewart (but I would expect her to come before the meal was served so she could help me with the center pieces); 4. Nelson Mandela (after suffering from so much strife, I would love to get his take on the current state we find this world in); and 5. Roberta Mancino (I would find it interesting to pick her brain on how she excels at such a male dominated sport).

And there was was an essay question regarding “what I would do in the event of” scenario.  (Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize)

I think I made a good impression.  I was personable, spoke with ease regarding what strengths and skill set I could bring to the position and noted my immediate availability.  Although there is an immediate need, there is a certain series of protocols that must be followed.  So, even if hired tomorrow, I would not start until May 15th.  I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed, hoping I get the position.  It is down to me and two other candidates…

The one thing I am so thankful for, they did not ask the one interview question I was seriously dreading:


Keep your fingers crossed for me….  I will update you as soon as I know.


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