Personal History: Finding Jesus, A Christmas Adventure

That is the card I sent with a box full of “more than one Jesus” to my amazing friend Pam.  It pretty much sums up this adventure.  First lesson of this adventure: What is the plural of Jesus.  I know, I know, there was only “ONE” Jesus but for the purpose of ornamental Jesus – is it Jesi, Jesuses, Jessusses….?  For the purpose of this blog we will say “more than one Baby Jesus”.  For reference, I thought Jesi but a little []

Yes MRod, there is a Santa Claus

Since when did Christmas become the commercialized beast that it is today? When I look back on my childhood I do not recall “black Friday” being one of the mandatory days of Christmas.  Yet, here we are and here it is.  When I think back on Christmas, what I recall is this: My Mawmaw sitting at the stove making some random meal and singing Christmas carols.  Humming them then singing the lyrics she knew.  I stood in the kitchen doorway of my []