In My Own Words, a little more than just a Morning Paragraph

Another mass shooting.  Another set of thoughts and prayers.  Another round of arguments for/against. There was this one time when I received a call from the lunch lady at my kids’ school.  She asked if I was Amanda’s Mom.  Yes, yes I am.  I sat there baffled as to why a lunch lady would call, did she forget her money?  She went on to tell me a story about my daughter.  She watched as Amanda stood in line to get her tray []

Morning Paragraph

Why do I blog? I do it so when I have taken my leave of this planet my husband, my kids, my friends would have a resource to go back and to remember what I liked, or didn’t, in my own words.  They can remember my adventures and stories from my point of view.  It is an archive of my life. I don’t have that for Ma.  I have limited stories kept for Daddy (that I blogged or status’ed).  I  wish I []