Mason County (WV)-Mysterious Skeletons

This article from 1821 describes giant skeletons found in a field (mound) in Mason County WV.

The description of the skeletons offer them up as giants with two rows of teeth on the top jaw.

I am now curious…..

The Hillsborough Recorder
Hillsborough, North Carolina
07 Nov 1821, Wed • Page 3

From the Kenhawa Spectator.

Extraordinary – A gentleman from Mason County, Va. has very obligingly furnished the following singular facts: On the 19th ult. four very large skeletons were found in a field which had for twenty-four years past been cultivated in corn. They were deposited in a mound apparently very ancient. The first was discovered by the owner of the field, having ploughed it up, which induced him to make a further examination, when three others were found. The bones are perfectly sound, and much larger than common, and more especially the skulls, which can be very easily slipped over the largest man’s head. The upper jaw bone has one row of double teeth all round, and the under jaw two teeth only on the left side, and no sockets whatever in the rest of the bone were provided by nature for more. Considerable quantities of broken crockery ware, with buck horns and bones, bear’s bones and muscle (mussel?) shells, etc. were found with the skeletons, and the whole buried in line two feet deep.

It is hoped that the curiosity of the intelligent public may excite them to examine the skeletons, and furnish us with some interesting speculations on the subject.

Below is my 2020 blog on the May Moore Mound (Mason County, WV). Husband believes the article is in regards to the mound close to the capitol in Charleston. I hope to read a little further to see where, exactly, this mound would have been located. I am fascinated!

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