My 40th Bday Week

Last week was a crazy week.  I had friends up in New York from my hometown.  I had a coworker in our NYC office that I do not get to see that often.  And I had my job.  So between the three I was up late, had a few drinks and wore myself out.  This was evident by my laying in the recliner yesterday around 4PM and not getting up until my daughter forced me to bed at 11PM (I sometimes wonder []

Nebraska fears rush to drop off kids before haven law change.

Because of the wording in a Safe Haven law, Nebraska has seen an influx of desperate parents who feel they have no other option but to drop their children in a safe location and to give up their care to the state of Nebraska.  When first you hear of these things you would think that this is for infants.  However, Nebraska hospitals have seen children as old as 17 being left by distraught parents.  In one instance, a widower dropped off all []

The End Of My Thirties

So today is the last day of my 30’s. I find that very interesting. Going into tomorrow, I will begin the next decade of my life, having closed the door on the previous four. 40…humpf. I do not see what all the fuss is about. I am not one of those women who lie about their age or who are depressed that their life has slipped away from them. What is the use? I wear my age with pride.  It took a []

Top Ten Drinks

Warning: This blog may contain some foul or offensive language.  It DOES contain a lot of info on alcohol. I am killing time waiting for my coworkers to wrap up their day so we can head to The Ginger Man where we will partake of drinks in celebration of my landing smack dab on the BIG FOUR-OH!  (Blog on that to follow).  So, I thought that whilst I wait, a blog might help pass the time.  So, here it is, my top []

Just a Ponderance

I have two blogs in the works. One is about my voting, my daughter’s voting for the first time and my son’s refusal to vote. The second is about my trip to the Irish Famine Memorial in downtown NYC. However, I wanted to take this moment for something else… I have friends up to NYC from back home. They come once or twice a year, we do all kinds of touristy crap. Some stuff I like, some I do begrudgingly (as I []

Honorable Mentions to Commuter Peeves

Ok, I know what you are thinking….Michelle, what else could possibly irritate you during your commute.  Well, in addition to my top ten, here are a few honorable mentions: Knees in the back of my seat guy – Ok, I get it, you want comfort.  Of course you are getting it at the expense of mine.  Do you really need to ball your six foot five frame up into a fetal position and cram your knees into my back? The Fidgeter – []

Commuter Eutopia

I meant to blog about this on Friday. It was raining, so I drove to the train station. I was able to park in the #1 spot which means I basically get off the train of the evening and bump into my car. Which usually I am on the other side of the lot. I smiled to myself and thought today might not be that bad. I walked onto the platform and noticed the morning smoker was not there. ‘Geeze’, I thought, []

Movie: We Only Have Room For One Bawl Baby In The Family…

What? You expected me to lead with, “Stay Gold Ponyboy”? IMDB: The Outsiders “Based on the novel of the same name. The story of young men growing up facing hard times where they have little going for them. Two opposing groups, the Greasers and the Socs, continually fight against each other and their “turf”.” 1983, really? It has been that long since the release of the Francis Ford Coppola piece? Twenty five years have passed…which explains my changed feelings for this movie. []

Old Commute Post 06/11/08 (Fran Drescher)

*****Warning, this post contains foul language which may be inappropriate for younger readers***** This is another blog from my old site that came to mind… Ok, last night I stopped by to see my friend Tony after a marathon dash through SoHo with Melissa. The evening ended with Tony and I on the corner trying to (unsuccessfully) catch a cab. After 20 minutes of waiting on one side of the street I crossed to the other. About 20 feet from me a []